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Western Rubbers is a leading manufacturer of Inflatable Seals, The best in market Inflatable Seal Manufacturer is Western Rubber. We manufacture products for a range of applications in the demanding and highly skilled industries of the 21st century. From inflatable seals to extruded profiles, metal bonded parts to sponge rubber components we manufacture all.


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Inflatable Seal Manufacturer :

Inflatable Seal Manufacturer

Why Inflatable Seals are Important?:

Why Inflatable Seals are Important? Right from as complex as inflatable seals for Nuclear Power Plants or inflatable seals for pulp and paper machine , to as simple as maintaining tyre pressure, seals are an important part of many different products of diverse shape, sizes, and industry verticals. Made primarily from rubber, they have the unique ability to inflate and deflate as per the pressure source. Imagine the world if the seals weren’t present. Even the simple act of riding a bicycle would not have been possible, because the seals wouldn’t have been in place to keep the air inside the tyres’ tube .

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The components of inflatable seal will remain almost universal. While the inside is crafted from high quality rubber, the exterior will be made of rubber and strengthened with materials like neoprene, industrial grade silicone , fabric, or fibreglass for better reinforcement of the sealing process. Applications of Inflatable seals    As mentioned earlier, inflatable seals have a wide variety of industrial and practical applications. However its value Enhances exponentially when it comes to certain industries like manufacturing .

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hence it comes to manufacturing inflatable seals for nuclear power plants . The silicone products need to meet the stringent guidelines laid down under FDA 21 CFR 177.200 and ECC 1935/2004. The value of inflatable seals can be assessed by the fact that it helps maintain the safety of the manufacturing facility, the working personnel, as well as the equipment used within the facility. This increases the importance of inflatable seals for nuclear power plants.

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