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People don‟t just use Google to find things; they use Google to find the best of things.” It is, therefore, obligatory to mark the presence of your company or brand in the competitive world of „online advertising‟.


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How to Advertise On Social Media For Free “People don‟t just use Google to find things they use Google to find the best of things.” It is therefore obligatory to mark the presence of your company or brand in the competitive world of „online advertising‟. Advertising often can be big-ticket and may adversely affect people or companies especially start-ups low on budget. In such cases the best thing to do is to let the customers spread the word about you for free. Here we will discuss a few methods that can be adapted to advertise on social media for free. 1. Blogs: A blog cannot only be used for marketing but can itself be a home business. To blog is to share connect create and inspire giving even the small person voice. Initially blogs were more of a personal diary that was shared online. But later as time flew people saw an opportunity to communicate information through blogs and thus began the journey of blogging. Blogging can be used as a powerful medium for advertising as:  Blogs can be amassed using ShareThis delicious or dig.  Blogs are a great tool for SEO as it puts in a lot of new contents into the search engines.  Blogs can be the face of the mission vision passion and goal of a company.

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 Blogs allow reader rendezvous and are frequently brought up-to-date.  Blogs can help make money. 2. Facebook Advertising: Marketing on Facebook is generally done using three tools that are pages Ads and groups which can be used by anyone for the purpose. Facebook marketing is indeed a massive opportunity to influence an eclectic range of audience through viral marketing campaigns. Facebook acts as a landing page or a fan page and the tactics for best Facebook advertisements are:  Step 1: Comprehend the ultimate goal and objective.  Step 2: A proper foundation has to be set up which in case of Facebook has pixel shortcode that can be added to any page on your website.  Step 3: A proper research into what has to be done designed and published has to be done.  Step 4: Get the tools and familiarise with Ads Manager.  Step 5: Never stop testing what works and what doesn‟t work for Facebook advertising.  Step 6: Evaluate the results on a regular basis. 3. YouTube Advertising: “Be seen where everyone is watching” YouTube Advertising is definitely keeping up with its tagline. The most preferred platform to watch and advertise videos is none other than YouTube. Potential customers can be reached through TrueView ads when they watch or search for videos on YouTube. A payment is required only when a customer expresses interest in it. Building your YouTube presence can be done by the following steps:  Step 1: Youtube channel has to be set up  Step 2: Location where your ads have to show up has to be set.  Step 3: Upload video with proper content keyword explicit heading and attractive thumbnails.  Step 4: Choose the devices to be targeted on.  Step 5: Age gender and topics can be selected for what you want to show up for.

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4. Twitter and Instagram Advertising: Twitter and Instagram have evolved to be the most sought out social media for reputation which covers a wide range of the population. Providing customer services in the presence of hundreds of followers showcases the transparency of the firm or brand. The latest feature of IGTV in Instagram lets you advertise using long-form video as well. 5. Other Social Media Advertising: Social media like Snapchat and more also proves to be a platform for advertising free of cost online but making and acclimatizing the right method to do so is the secret to achieve the best result. Advertising is the key for market growth and the crusaders at SuperX Growth Hackers are ever ready to help you conquer the most from online advertising. If online advertisement tops your priority SuperX Growth Hackers should top your choice of aid.

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