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“ Every organisation hears what employees says, Good organisation listens to what employees have to say but organisations with employee welfare schemes listens what employees don’t say” GROUP- 9


CONTENTS What is employee welfare? Merits & Demerits Types of welfare Activity Approaches to labour welfare Administration of welfare activities Safety & Health Measures Welfare facilities at ITI Latest Trends RITESH SUDHIR ASHISH & DEEPAK


WHAT IS EMPLOYEE WELFARE? Relates to taking care of the well being of workers by employers, trade unions, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Referred to as betterment work for employees.

According to the Royal Commission on Labor : 

According to the Royal Commission on Labor Labor welfare is a term which must necessarily be elastic, bearing a somewhat different interpretation in one country from another, according to different social customs, the degree of industrialization and educational level of workers.

Merits : 

Merits Motivates employees Employee Retention Minimized social evils Better Job satisfaction Cuts down labor turnover

Demerits : 

Demerits Huge investment Employees being dissatisfied

Types of Welfare Activity : 

Types of Welfare Activity Inside the work place-Intra mural facilities Facilities within the factories like medical, compensation, drinking water Outside the work place-Extra mural facilities Facility provided outside the factories like accommodation, recreational facilities, educational facilities

Inside the work Place : 

Inside the work Place Conditions of environment Safety and cleanliness of the work environment Good house keeping-compound walls and lawns Convenience and comfort-illumination, seating arrangements Safety measures-machine fencing, goggles, first aid, helmets Visible posters and warnings

Inside the work Place : 

Inside the work Place Convenience Provisions for wash basins, bathrooms and waste disposal Provision for drinking water Canteen service Recreation rooms, rest rooms and libraries.

Inside the work Place : 

Inside the work Place Health services Health center Dispensary First aid Health education Counseling Ambulance service

Inside the work Place : 

Inside the work Place Women and child welfare Maternity aid Child care Separate facilities for women Women’s recreation Family planning services

Inside the work Place : 

Inside the work Place Others Employment follow up-comfort and awareness Economic services-loans, insurance Labour management services-counseling, safety committee Employee education-library, AV unit, literary classes, news bulletin etc.

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Comfortable and hygienic residences Sanitation and water disposal Proper roads and lighting facility Plentiful markets Security Health and medical services ASHISH

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Welfare activities by the government Factories Act of 1948 Washing facilities Rest rooms First aid boxes Canteen and shelters Crèche for more than 30 women Welfare officers for more than 500 workers

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Mines Act of 1952 Crèches for more than 50 women Canteen for more than 150 workers Shelter for more than 250 workers Shower baths and sanitary latrines Welfare officer for more than 500 workers

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Plantation Act of 1951 Recreation facility for workers and their children Educational facility Housing facility for all workers Umbrellas, blankets, raincoats and other amenities

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Contract Labour Act 1970 A canteen for more than 100 employees Rest rooms and alternative accommodation Sufficient supply of drinking water washing facilities etc First aid boxes

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Labour welfare officer- schedule 49 of Factories Act Present in a factory of more than 500 workers Supervision of safety and welfare programmers Counseling of workers and adjustment in work environment Formulate welfare policies Liasoning with officials and resolving disputes

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POLICING THEORY Labour exploitation RELIGION THEORY Investment aspect PHILANTHROPIC THEORY Affection for mankind Good working conditions PATERNALISTIC THEORY Also known as Trusteeship theory

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PLACATING THEORY Welfare activities will please workers and will make them work well. PUBLIC RELATIONS THEORY Welfare activities to create good impression on the minds of the public FUNCTIONAL THEORY Welfare activities provided to make workers more efficient SOCIAL THEORY Obligation on the part of the organization to provide for the employees welfare

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1.Welfare Policy : 

1.Welfare Policy Objectives Motivation, Retention, Raise the Standard of living, Prevent Social evils Agencies Central, State Government, Social organizations Range i) Type of facilities ii) Coverage of employees Timeliness

2.Organisation For Welfare : 

2.Organisation For Welfare The Factories Act ,1948 mandates that every industrial establishment must appoint a welfare officer if the number of employees is 500 or more. It is argued that the prime responsibility for welfare should rest with the line manager or the HR manager.

3.Assesment Of Effectiveness : 

3.Assesment Of Effectiveness Effectiveness of welfare must be assessed periodically. Two methods of assessment : i) Trend Analysis ii) Opinion Survey

Fringe Benefits : 

Fringe Benefits The term fringe benefits refers to the extra benefits provided to employees in addition to the normal compensation paid in the form of wage or salary.

Objectives : 

Objectives To create & improve sound industrial relations. To promote employees welfare. To motivate the employees by identifying & satisfying their unsatisfied needs. To provide security to the employees against social risks like old age benefits & maternity benefits. To provide safety against accidents.

Features of fringe benefits : 

Features of fringe benefits They are supplementary forms of compensation. They are paid to all employees based on there membership in the organization. They help to raise the living conditions of the employees. It may be statutory or voluntary.

Need for fringe benefits : 

Need for fringe benefits Employees demand Trade union demand Employer’s preference As a social security To improve human relations

Examples of fringes : 

Examples of fringes 1. Legally required payments - Old age, survivors, disability and health insurance (commonly known as social security) - Worker’s compensation - Unemployment compensation 2. Contingent and Deferred benefits - Pension plans - group life insurance - military leave and pay - maternity leave - child care leave & sick leave etc., 3. Payments for time not worked - vacations & holidays - voting pay allowances 4.Other benefits - travel allowances & moving expenses - uniform tool expenses



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“ Every twenty seconds of every working minute of every hour throughout the world, some one dies as a result of industrial accident.”


WHAT IS SAFETY? Safety - freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury or loss. Industrial Safety – protection of workers from the danger of industrial accidents. Accident – an unplanned and uncontrolled event in which an action or reaction of an object, a substance, a person, or a radiation results in personal injury.




NEED FOR SAFETY Cost saving Increased productivity Moral Legal


HEALTH “The well-being of the employee (Physical as well as Mental) in an industrial establishment.” 1. Physical Health 2. Mental Health

Welfare Facilities At ITI : 

Welfare Facilities At ITI CARE i) Medical Facilities For the employees covered under ESI scheme. EFT scheme Medical Reimbursement ii) Township Administration iii) Welfare Funds

Welfare Facilities At ITI : 

Welfare Facilities At ITI iv) Educational Scheme v) Welfare Association & Clubs vi) Other Welfare Measures Non-Officers Canteen Officers Canteen Transport Uniform Safety

Welfare Facilities At ITI : 

Welfare Facilities At ITI (B) TERMINAL BENEFITS vii) Employees’ Provident Fund viii) Gratuity Scheme ix) Group Insurance Scheme

Latest Trends : 

Latest Trends I – Wega Health Scribe Subex Systems Infosys Hewlett – Packard

Conclusion : 

Conclusion If a tailor makes mistake – it becomes a fashion If a scientist makes a mistake – it becomes an invention If an HR manager deploys a retention strategy – it becomes a welfare measure

Bibliography : 

Bibliography Wikipedia www.google.com Human Resource Management – Gesler Human Resource Management- VSP Rao Human Resource Management-N.K Singh Human Resource Management-Vershney Human Resource Management-Mirza S

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