Why Unpolished Dal Is More Preferable For Your Health?

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Buying unpolished dal is a wise decision for your health because consuming unpolished dal in your food is healthier than polished dal due to its natural processing and absence of the polishing agent.


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Why Unpolished Dal Is More Preferable For Your Health?


Indian staple food -Dal is staple Indian food, Indian consume it at least once in a day -Buying tuwar dal online is necessary because without dal Indian food is incomplete -It is the great source of protein and nutrition -As the large amount of Indian population is vegetarian, dal plays a vital role for Indian kitchen


Drawback of unpolished dal -Husk is removed while polishing which is great amount of fiber -Polishing agents are used to process the dal -Which is very harmful for human body -Oil adds the extra fat to the dal -Many retailer re-polish the old stock of the dal to sell the dal


Benefits of polished dal -Naturally processed -Easier to cook, due to low amount of moisture -No polishing agents are used to process the dal -Due to the naturally processed it become tastier and intact amount of nutrient


Final words -It is recommended to buy unpolished dal which is more healthier and tastier than polished dal -Only few brand like Rentio Foods deliver the quality unpolished dal -Get the toor dal online from the rentio foods and stay healthy

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