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UN FIBC bags have specifications which are defined by the United Nations when it comes to the transport of hazardous products. For the same the level of quality needs to be maintained which we attain time and time again with the help of years of experience and the strict testing standards maintained for more information visit: https://www.rishifibc.com/fibc-products/un-fibc-bags.html


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Testing for UN FIBC Bags :

Testing for UN FIBC Bags

What Are UN FIBC Bags?:

What Are UN FIBC Bags? The transportation of hazardous goods is regulated worldwide by a team of experts from the United Nations. They have established directives to prevent accidents, injuries and damage to property and not least to protect public health and prevent pollution. A UN bulk bag is a flexible intermediate bulk container specifically designed to transport/store hazardous materials that cannot be stored or transported in a standard bag. For more information visit : UN FIBC Bag Phone: +91-2662-227100

Specifications Of UN FIBC Bags:

Specifications Of UN FIBC Bags UN bags must meet the various specifications and standards set out by the UN in order to be properly classified as UN bags. These include, but are not limited to: Identification, tagging, and labeling requirements Specifications on max volume High testing standard Explore our State of the art FIBC Manufacturing Process at Rishi FIBC Phone: +91-2662-227100

Classes Of Hazardous Material Transported:

Classes Of Hazardous Material Transported Class 4.1: Flammable solids, self reactive substances and desensitized explosives Class 4.2: Substances liable to spontaneous combustion Class 4.3: Substances that emit flammable gases when they come in contact with water Class 5.1: Substances that oxidize Class 5.2: Organic peroxides Class 6.1: Toxic substances Class 8: Corrosive substances Class 9: Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles Phone: +91-2662-227100

Hazardous Material Transported By UN FIBC:

Hazardous Material Transported By UN FIBC UN bags are also classified by the hazardous materials they are designed to carry or are currently carrying. The hazardous materials you will be transporting/storing in the UN bag are crucial to determining what bag you need. Work with your supplier to make sure you’re getting the right bag for your product/application. Read more: About UN Certified Bulk Bags and Their Applications Phone: +91-2662-227100

UN Certified Testing Procedure:

UN Certified Testing Procedure UN (United Nations) Certified Bulk Bags are specially manufactured, tested and certified to transport and store hazardous or potentially hazardous materials. UN bags are certified for a wide range of goods in environments where there is risk of fire, explosion, chemical burns, toxic contamination, or environmental damage. To ensure that these bags are safe for handling hazardous materials, each bag goes through rigorous testing procedures. Let's examine each of these testing procedures and determine what each bag goes through to be considered a UN Certified bag. Phone: +91-2662-227100

Preparation Before Testing:

Preparation Before Testing For consistency purposes, there are strict standards for testing each bag including the preparation of the bag before it is tested. Proper bulk bag testing preparation includes: Bag must be filled not less than 95% full Contents must be evenly distributed Drop tests must be performed with the solid to be transported OR a non-hazardous material that has the same physical characteristics. Phone: +91-2662-227100


UN FIBC Test Vibration: 60 minute vibration test Top Lift: Lifted from top and/or side and maintain 6:1 load for 5 mins. Stacking: 24 hour stacking test with no content loss Drop: No content loss at 3 different drop heights Topple: Toppled on any part of top without content loss Righting: FIBC on it’s side, lifted into the upright position, without damage to the bag Tear: Knife cut cannot spread more than 25% of initial length Phone: +91-2662-227100

UN Symbol For Certified FIBC:

UN Symbol For Certified FIBC Dangerous products are classified by the United Nations by a unique UN product number. These product numbers and corresponding packaging group classifications can be found in the ‘orange book’. Phone: +91-2662-227100

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