Benefits of using FIBC Bags


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FIBC bags or bulk bags are cost effective mediums to transport a number of products. For more information on the benefits of using FIBC bags refer our presentation. Also visit: for more.


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Benefits of Using FIBC Bulk Bags

Why use FIBC for Transportation:

Why use FIBC for Transportation Adaptability is its Forte. Swifter Packing of Materials. Non- Hazardous to Environment. Resourceful in Nature. Faster Speed in Transportation . Source:

Application of FIBC Bags (Industry):

Application of FIBC Bags (Industry) Chemical Industry. Pharmaceutical Industry. Food Industry. Plastic Industry. Mining Industry Steel Industry. Source:

Chemical Industry:

Chemical Industry One of the usage of using Bulk FIBC Bags are Chemical Industry. The Bulk FIBC bags prevents the chemicals from coming in contact with the air. This further prevents any reaction and the chemicals can be transported safely. Source:

Food Industry:

Food Industry One of the usage of using Bulk FIBC Bags are Food Industry. The bulk FIBC Bags helps in transportation of Food in bulk quantity without letting it get contaminated. Source:

Plastic Industry:

Plastic Industry Plastic Industry is another industry where we can see the use of bulk FIBC Bags. The FIBC Bags prevents the plastics from coming in contact with the atmosphere or any other contamination. Source:

Mines Industry:

Mines Industry Mines Industry which includes coal, bauxite etc are transported from one country to another. FIBC Bags prevents these ores from getting contaminated by coming in contact with air and water. Source:

Steel Industry:

Steel Industry The Steel Industry is yet another industry where FIBC Bags are used. FIBC Bags prevents these Steel which are being transported from coming in contact with air or water to prevent corrosion. Source:

Why Rishi FIBC?:

Why Rishi FIBC? Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd. provides fully Integrated World Class Facility for Food and Pharma grade FIBC. Rishi FIBC facility allows us to create highly customized solutions . Capabilities to produce huge quantities of industrial FIBCs as per customer requirements.  Rishi FIBC Solutions, safeguard the well-being of all stakeholders. Committed to hygiene and cleanliness ensures food grade FIBCs that are sanitized . AIB International’s “Superior” rating. Source:

Types of FIBC Manufactured by Rishi:

Types of FIBC Manufactured by Rishi FIBC Bags UN FIBC Bags. Conductive FIBC Bags. FIBC Liners. Food Grade FIBC. Pharma Grade FIBC. FIBC Container Liners. Source:

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