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Universal Sompo is a general insurance company with various new insurance services they rank higher in the market. Two wheeler insurance plan provided by Universal sompo is very god and here is the whole information for you. Visit: https://www.coverfox.com/universal-sompo/


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Universal Sompo:

Universal Sompo

Two Wheeler Insurance:

Two Wheeler Insurance Like all valuable belongings that need to be insured, two wheelers are no exception. Universal Sompo’s two wheeler insurance policy mentions an extensive list of coverages, add-ons, optional extensions and also exceptions. The coverages are applicable for two wheelers that are used for domestic, pleasure and social purposes. It can also be availed for two wheelers used for professional purposes, except those that ferry goods which are not samples.

Benefits of Two Wheeler Insurance Policy from Universal Sompo :

Benefits of Two Wheeler Insurance Policy from Universal Sompo Offers third party liability accident cover Ensures transparency regarding factors that cause depreciation of vehicle parts Offers no claim bonuses for claims that have not been filed earlier in the tenure Includes personal accident cover for the policyholder/employed driver Offers covers for damages caused due to man-made disasters and natural calamities Customer-centric services Comprehensive add-ons and optional extensions that covers a wider range of accidents and services that are not covered otherwise. Further, the cover can be extended to pillion riders, loss of non-electrical accessories and electrical accessories, and legal liability cover

Add-ons of Universal Sompo’s Two Wheeler Insurance Plan:

Add-ons of Universal Sompo’s Two Wheeler Insurance Plan Nil depreciation cover Daily cash allowance Return to invoice Loss of Driving License Compensation for additional accidental injury for the policyholder Selling Price of the manufacturer or On-road Price Winder PA benefit for the policyholder Accidental hospitalisation cover for the policyholder’s family Hospital daily cash Charges of consumables Roadside assistance, whenever necessary Cover for damages to engine and gear box NCB Protector

Documents required for Claim Settlement :

Documents required for Claim Settlement Name of the policyholder Contact Number Time and date of loss or accident or damage Location of loss or accident or damage Brief explanation of reason behind the of loss or accident or damage Extent of the loss or accident or damage Name, contact information and location of the policyholder when the claim is made by any individual other than the policyholder

In case of loss :

In case of loss Avoid driving the two wheeler until the completion of the claim settlement process, as the policy would not cover damages caused over previous damages. Submit a written statement to Universal Sompo along with relevant documents as evidence, as requested by the insurer. Submit a detailed estimate of expenses for repair. Inform the police in case the two wheeler is stolen. The insurer will appoint a surveyor to assess the loss once claim form and repair estimates have been submitted by the policyholder. The surveyor will then have to submit his/her report to the insurance authorities. If bills have already been paid by the policyholder, Universal Sompo will reimburse the compensation amount or pay it directly.


Contact Visit: https://www.coverfox.com/universal-sompo / https ://www.facebook.com/Coverfox.Insurance/ https://twitter.com/coverfox Toll Free - 1800 209 9970

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