Dental Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

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Grow your Dental Marketing practice with RiseMD and improve your practice’s bottom line. Dental Marketing For your dental practice can be difficult, Particularly when your attention is drawn in so many directions in healthcare industries.


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Dental Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today:

Dental Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today “ With the non-stop schedule of dental professionals, it can be easy to think that you don’t have time to implement a highly effective dental marketing strategy ”

Update your brand:

Update your brand Your practice brand is everything - it highlights the aspects of your practice that sets you apart from other local offices. When your practice has a strong brand identity, potential and current patients can get an accurate idea of your practice culture, and help make a better decision as to either return to your practice, or seek alternatives. Take a moment to look over your practice brand - photos, logos, print materials, etc. Do these assets reflect the aspects of your practice you want them to?

Update your website:

Update your website Your practice’s website is the central guiding force of your Dental marketing strategy , acting as a “home base” of sorts. Take a look at your site, and ask yourself the following questions: - Does your site appeal to your ideal patient (seniors, families, emergency case, etc.)? - Is it easily navigable and visually appealing? - Is it designed well for mobile, where over 80% of online users perform searches? - Has your site been updated recently? Websites typically have shelf-lives of 3-5 years, being that popular web designs change so frequently.

Manage your reviews:

Manage your reviews Online reviews are the lifeblood of any dental practice’s online reputation. After all, over 85% of consumers look to online reviews to make purchasing decisions (Google research). So, how do your reviews stack of to the competition? The good news is that online reviews are much easier to manage than many might think - bad reviews can be flagged and reported, and are removed more often than you might think! Also, when it comes to facebook reviews, any and all reviews containing profanity or outlandish claims immediately violate Facebook’s latest review policies. When it comes to obtaining great reviews, it starts with simply asking - happy patients will more than likely leave a review if asked!

Setup social media pages:

Setup social media pages Does your practice already have social media pages? If so, good for you - social media is dramatically changing the ways by which people to business, and dental practices are no exception. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube give your practice a direct line of communication and engagement with current and prospective patients, so be sure to use it! If you need help coming up with ideas for content, try simply posting information that’s useful to your online audience, such as good oral health practices and various aspects of treatment information.

Film patient testimonials:

Film patient testimonials Video marketing is quickly becoming an enormous aspect of healthcare marketing , and patient testimonials are one of the best ways to give prospective patients peace of mind regarding your practice. The best part? It’s never been easier! Most phone cameras today are easily good enough to film patient testimonials, and posting them to your social media channels takes all of a few minutes. If a patient is elated with your services, ask them to film a testimonial! *Note - testimonials must always be 100% HIPAA-compliant, so be sure to review these guidelines before displaying anyone online as your patient.

Start blogging:

Start blogging Search engines such as Google love websites with unique and valuable content, and blogging is a great way to up your website in search engine rankings! Think about some topics you imagine current and prospective patients maught want to know more about, or perhaps topics you don’t think there’s enough information about - these topics would make great dental blog content. Blogging at its core is about informing your patient base while maintaining the Search Engine Optimization of your website, so really make sure that you’re proving lots of value with your blog.

Regularly email existing patients:

Regularly email existing patients Email marketing is one of the best methods of ensuring a high rate of patient retention - existing patients are simply more likely to come back if you remind them to! Does your practice have any on-going offers or specials? That’s great content for email marketing. How about referral forms for 10% taken off your next visit if you recommend 3 or more new patients to your practice? That’s great content for email marketing. Remember to provide real value for your existing patients and give them good reason to return to your practice.

Try PPC advertising:

Try PPC advertising If you want a fast and measurable intake of new patients, Google Adwords (or PPC) advertising is bar-none the best method for doing so. Pay-per-click advertising allows you to pay for web traffic on a per-click basis (hence the name), and allows you to flood your practice’s site with steady traffic. Rise MD always recommends with PPC advertising, however, that this service be performed by someone who can do it full-time for the optimum results, given the non-stop schedule of dentists. Hiring a PPC professional, or entirely outsourcing the service to a Dental marketing agency , who can put in the time to run a proper Adwords campaign is almost always to best method of procuring new patients with Google Adwords.

Take a look inside your practice:

Take a look inside your practice Take a look at the “big picture” of your practice for a moment - is your staff knowledgeable about your services? Are they friendly? Do they reflect your practice culture? All the Dental marketing efforts in the world can’t make up for poor servicing, however, if you know your services and staff are top-notch, this isn’t something you should worry about. On the contrary, as the age-old expression illustrates, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” Look within your practice, introspect, and really think about whether or not your services and staff are at the level of perfection you wish them to be.

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