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Extensive choice of Co-curricular Activities. RIPS’s exclusive guidance Advisory cell helps students to become familiar with career opportunities by providing them with vital information on global competitiveness.


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What is a combined curriculum?:

What is a combined curriculum? Rathinam International Public School has a curriculum that is fully customized to meet the individual needs, interests, and learning style of the student.

Advantages of combined curriculum:

Advantages of combined curriculum RIPS combined curriculum has the following scopes, which gives Kid a greater and lovable learning atmosphere. Demos, discussions and assignments Academics with skill development Priority to comm skills Projects in each sub linked to re al life

What is our teaching methodology? :

What is our teaching methodology? Our Teaching Methodology is focused on discussions, debates, pep talks, seminars, projects, high-quality self study, usage of mind maps etc. The motto our methodology is to replace, Books with Experiments, Exams with Enquires, Home works with Discussions.

About RIPS Co-Curricular Activities:

About RIPS Co-Curricular  Activities RIPS has designed numerous co – curricular activities that is mandatory for the ripscions . Logistical, analytical and creative thinking is equally important for every child. Student days at RIPS will be more enjoyable and complete with.

Fine Arts :

Fine Arts Key board Guitar Violin Classical Dance Western Dance Drawing Painting Vocal Music

Sports :

Sports Badminton, Basket ball, Foot ball, Cricket, Table tennis, Carroms , Chess, Swimming, Martial arts etc., House wise competitions External Competitions Participation in different programmes organized at school on special occassions and celebration of all important days.

About RIPS Academic Partnerships :

About RIPS Academic Partnerships RIPS has made agreements with leading organizations to bring world class expertise to our children. It includes: Teach Next (Smart class room) STEM Solutions for Robotics Training. Helen O’ Grady for English Communication skills, drama, and language development programs .

Philosophy :

Philosophy Each child is unique and is treated differently.  One method of guiding and disciplining may work for one child, but not for another. When your child socializes with other children in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment it will aid in enhancing: Social skills Physical development Emotional development Creativity Cognitive development Each child is special and unique; special in their own way and that they grow and develop through universal stages at their own pace. Our students do not experience the tedium and frustration of typical readiness program. We encourage the students to discover the joy and fulfillment that comes through the creative process. Our role is to safeguard the children in the present and to prepare them for the future.  In doing this we provide positive modelling and guidance and we respect and acknowledge each others feelings.

Guidance and Discipline philosophy :

Guidance and Discipline philosophy We believe that children should be treated with respect and that the child’s self image is the most important part of the learning process. Children need to perceive themselves as worthwhile, capable and significant, and therefore their experiences should be positive and reinforcing. By allowing such experiences to occur they will develop self-confidence and a high self-esteem. It is also important that we as caregivers communicate acceptance and allow a child to develop a sense of belonging . Children must be allowed to make mistakes. This is all part of the learning process. As a caregiver it is our responsibility to listen and acknowledge the children’s feelings and frustrations and to offer calm positive guidance when situations arise. Developmentally appropriate expectations and limits are set. One must remember to be firm, to be kind; but to look at what the “real” problem is. Under no circumstance do we physically or emotionally abuse a child .


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