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Are you trying to get pregnant but have been told you need IVF. Do you have to bear the IVF cost yourselves. http://ivfglobal.com/IVF


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Fertility & IVF: Our Strengths :

Fertility & IVF: Our Strengths 0

Facilities at Each Center:

Facilities at Each Center 1 IVF Center IVF & ET Area Doctor’s Outpatient Chamber Pre & Post Operative Beds Pathology Labs Ultrasound Room/Area In-sourced Pharmacy*

Services offered:

Services offered BASIC ART Infertility clinics Follicular monitoring and interventional ultrasound IUI IVF 2

Services offered:

Services offered MALE INFERTILITY SOLUTIONS AID ICSI P -ICSI IMSI PESA, TESA,TESE, Special tests for male infertility like: DNA fragmentation, Acrosome reaction, HOS, etc. Semen freezing Testicular tissue freezing 3

Fertility & IVF:

Fertility & IVF Monitoring the overall programme Ovum pick up Laboratory work Embryo transfer Embryo freezing 4

Benefits of the Program:

Benefits of the Program For the Associate Fertility Clinic: Satisfaction of doing IVF without any financial investment No fear of losing patients: Your patient is yours! Advantage of being associated with an established ART centre for long term Financial Benefits 5

For More Information Contact us at:

For More Information Contact us at Call: 1-647-687-4824 Email : info@ivfglobal.com (Preferred) Website: http://www.ivfglobal.com 6

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