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Jakarta :

Jakarta The capital and the largest city of Indonesia.

About Jakarta:

About Jakarta Jakarta is located on the northwest coast of the island of Java. It has an area of 650 km² and a population of 8.3 million (as of 2000). Indonesia is the world's largest archipelagic state.

Map of jakarta:

Map of jakarta

Social Demographic:

Social Demographic The population has sharply risen from 2.7 million in 1960 to 8.3 million in 2000. Jakarta suffers from major urbanization problems. Population below poverty line 27% (1999). Male: 92.5% and female: 83.4% (2002) of the populations.

Social Demographic:

Social Demographic Variation of people are: Javanese (58%) Sundanese (15%) Batak(10%) Minang(8%) TiongHoa(5%) Others(4%) Religion: Muslim (85%), Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Kong Hu Chu.


CROWDED : PEOPLE In Jakarta, the people is so crowded, because many people from out of Jakarta come in to Jakarta. We can see so many people who are not the origin people of Jakarta, such as the Java people, Batak, Medan, Bali, Papua, Kalimantan, Flores, etc. There are people from out of Indonesia too who live in Jakarta, such as China, Arab, Malaysia, Australia, etc. While the origin people of Jakarta called Betawi is not too exist or difficult to find now. Because the population of Jakarta is very crowded while the area is not too weidth, many people at last doesn’t have good enough home. There are so many who live in the side of river, under the flyover, in the side of railway, etc. it makes Jakarta looks so slum.

Climate in Jakarta:

Climate in Jakarta Jakarta has a pleasant tropical climate most of the year, with gentle breezes. Jakarta is equatorial (located in the equator line) the temperature is about 28° - 35° C . From late October to April, there is usually a rain shower everyday.

PowerPoint Presentation:

JAKARTA is Crowded city in Indonesia. So do the vehicles For along time, it causes traffic Everywhere Especially, when it’s time for people go home from their office


Transportation Jakarta's transportation depends on toll roads, railways, and monorails tracks. Buses and transport cars (local language: Angkot, angkutan kota) are also popular. Like trains, they also become overloaded during peak hours.


Busway Busway provider public transportation that used Air Conditioner Bus. And it has Private rute.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The traffic’s density has disturbed the obedient. After that, public transportation such as: -metromini -bus -KWK Get stuck at bungling place. It disturbed very much and cause the traffic jam.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Beside that, the use of private vehicles like motorcycle and car. It shows the culminate increasement. It is one cause of the density of transportation in jakarta .

PowerPoint Presentation:

See the effects: If we want to go to somewhere, it will takes many times of ours on the way. 2. It also will disturbes the productivity to do our activity. 3. Add the traffic jam . 4. Air pollution

Air pollution :

Air pollution Air pollution at Jakarta is the worst in Indonesia, the most people in Jakarta gave the nickname "city of pollution" to Jakarta. The nickname came with a big reason.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The most significant cause of air pollution in Jakarta is the share of motor vehicles accounted for ± 70 percent. Due to pollution in Jakarta is felt at all for our health, the environment and for other living. This pollution is getting worse due to lack of indifference to us in the neighborhood and the city of Jakarta.

PowerPoint Presentation:

So, government out of action. Do a emition test He’ll manage the increasement mobilicity in jakarta or Do a limitation of total private vehicle.

Cleanliness in Jakarta:

Cleanliness in Jakarta Hygiene in Jakarta is not so good. We can see rubbish everywhere. Though there are regulations from the government about the cleanliness in the city. TPA is also already available. But why cleanliness in Jakarta can not be overcome?

The causes:

The causes Causes include Many people littering not a lot of waste recycled Society is not doing reuse, recycle, reduce Garbage is not processed properly The rule about cleanliness is not really strict People don’t really care about their neighborhood The government didn’t give good enough counseling for people to keep the cleanliness Most people don’t know the result of dirty environment. There’s not enough garbage bin in public street

The problems:

The problems

The effect:

The effect Soil Pollution Effects (4) Causes cancers including leukaemia Trees and plants may absorb soil contaminants and pass them up the food chain Soil and Water Pollution, Lead in soil is especially hazardous for young children causing developmental damage to the brain Mercury can increase the risk of kidney damage; cyclodienes can lead to liver toxicity Causes neuromuscular blockage as well as depression of the central nervous system Also causes headaches, nausea, fatigue, eye irritation and skin rash

Overview of Jakarta:

Overview of Jakarta

PowerPoint Presentation:

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