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Tania María Rincón 13.930.981

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One of my favorite Movies in the World is You`ve got mail.

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This movie is not a simple romantic comedy is very surprised and very romantic, I loved all event and its trajectory . I really liked and I sensitize . Kathleen`s vulnerability and pride in her mother made my cry and Joe`s sensitivity and devious behaviour were so very sweet.

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Parker Posey Patricia Eden Tom Hanks Joe Fox Meg Ryan Kathleen Kelly Greg Kinnear Frank Navosky CAST

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This is the third time that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks act together, the previous two being : Joe versus the volcano and Sleepless in Seattle The movie`s opening and ending titles make use of commonly seen computer images of the time, specifically Windows 95/98. The song at the end of the film when they are standing on the bridge is “Somewhere over the rainbow” . A clip of this song is played in the previous movie with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks “Sleepless in Seattle”. Trivia

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BMI Film Music Award Blockbuster Entertainment Award Bogey Award in Silver Golden Screen Awards

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