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We are best nature care center in pune & leading naturopathy hospital in India. Our naturopathy center in pune offer best nature care treatment by expert naturopathy doctors. Heal your body with natural care.Book Now. Visit - Contact : +91 7875313004 | +91 9881068109


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Slide1: +91 9881068109 | +91 7875313004 Shree NarayamDham Care Center Best Naturopathy Center In Pune


Naturopathy Treatment In India Naturopathy is a captivated branch of alternative medicines. People are moving towards natural therapies and natural ingredients because of their positive effect on health. Naturopathy has ability to cure disease without affecting body functionalities. Our Naturopathy center in Pune provides extraordinary and dynamic treatment for your long-lasting diseases that are not cured with chemicals and surgery. Our focus on medicine offers a treatment route that remedies the whole individual maintains the body's natural balances, targets the origins of disease and prevents future illnesses .


Naturopathy treatments


Yoga Treatment "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."


Best Yoga center in Pune Yoga is capable of giving weight, flexible body, intense skin, calm, dedicate mind, good health for whatever you want. There are countless benefits of yoga and meditation, also helps keep the mind sharp, relieves stress, anxiety, can strengthen your immune system .


Best Ayurvedic center in Pune Ayurveda is all about balance. Naturopathy is all about healing power of nature. Both share goals of reducing toxins in the body, modifying one’s lifestyle and bringing the body back to its most natural state. T here are few differences between naturopathy and ayurveda but there are similarities also . Naturopathy centre in pune offers ayurveda therepies

Our Center Premises:

Our Center Premises

Soothing accomodation at the Heart of nature:

Soothing a ccomodation at the Heart of nature

Our Staff::

Our Staff:

Managing Director.:

Managing Director. Dr.Umeshkumar Dongare The objective of the care center is to nurture individuals in regaining their health without using drugs, which have harmful side effects and also to help them learn and appreciate the healing practices enunciated by our ancient sciences of Naturopathy and Yoga under the eminent guidance of Dr.Umeshkumar Dongare. The care center is meant for those who are interested in regaining good health through drugless therapies. Patients are advised not to engage themselves in their business activities during their stay here in Shree Narayan Dham.

Contact Us…:

Contact Us… Address : Corporate & Reservation Office Shree Narayan Dham Yog - Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Research Center Shree Kshetra Narayanpur Tal: Purandar , Dist : Pune Contact Number: Call us : +91 9607608666 | +91 7875313004 Call us : +91 9607608555 | +91 9049592220 Call us : +91 9607606444 | +91 9665667788 Call The Doctor : +91-9881068109 | +91-960760833 Email: Website:

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