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Best Drill Bits for Metal Metal drill bits are made specially to bore through metallic surface. They are also known as high- speed steel HSS bits for and usually come in black color. They are much durable and more expensive than regular drill bits. Pierce through woods and plastic as well but they are usually used on metal surfaces. Facts to consider when buying drill bits for metal There are tons of drill bits available which can pierce through metal. But to buy the best Metal drill bits you should keep few things in mind. Such as:  Material: Try to purchase a drill bit that has 5-8 cobalt inside it. Such amount of Cobalt makes the bit more strong and efficient.  Length: Durability depends on length. The toughness of the bit decreases when the length is increased. That’s why shorter cobalt bits are a good choice as they withstand Breaking twisting and spinning.  Size: Make sure to pick a set that includes drill bits of various sizes. Availability of different size can ease up your project.  Tip style: Penetration capacity depends on the tip style. V-Point Split point brad point tapered point and fish points are useful against metal. Types of metal drill bit Types are based on two facts – Material used in the bit and the coating over the bit. Material Based type: 1. High Carbon Steels: Drill Bits are made of both high and low carbon steel but for different purposes. However Only the High Carbon Steel is used to make drill bits for cutting metal. They have a better temper than low-carbon steels so they require less

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maintenance like sharpening and hold their effectiveness and last longer.   2. High-Speed Steel: High-Speed Steel is a particular type of carbon steel that can withstand high temperatures while maintaining constructional integrity specifically the hardness. Coating Based type: 1. Black Oxide: Black Oxide drill bits are ver economical and provide corrosion protection. It increases tempering relieves stress reduces chip welding and galling aids in retaining lubricants. 2. Titanium Nitride TiN: This drill bits are comparatively expensive but very effective. Besides increasing hardness they also provide production increasing thermal barrier and longer lifetime. TiN also gives you all other facilities same as black and bronze oxide. Top 7 drill bits for metal 1. DEWAL T DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set 21-Piece - Best titanium drill bits for metal Starting this list with the most modern set of pilot point durable drill bits coated with Titanium. This 21 piece bit set will cover all your household needs. They have a good image for making clean holes in the surface. Features:  The Titanium pilot point makes sure the bits last for very long. Titanium Pilot Point is a unique type of tip that has three edges to cut. The center edge is taller than the side ones. When the tip is

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covered with Titanium it is called Titanium pilot point. This type of drill bit lasts longer than usual twist drill bits.  It can make clean and precise holes.  Tapered-Web for extreme durability and reduced breaking.  Highly economical and ideal for household applications. Many construction workers also use them for commercial purpose. Pros Cons  Titanium pilot point for longer bit life  Starts on contact for cleaner holes  Tapered web for durability   It’s ideal for residential applications and commercial use.  No premium drill bits  Not strong enough. Compare DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot-Point Drill Bit Set 21- Piece With Kobalt 21-Piece Titanium Metal Twist Drill Bit Set  These drill bits are very fragile. While working they can break due to massive rotational force and pressure. Kobalt 21-piece drill bits are also coated with Titanium that’s why they are very durable. Burt we didn’t include it on our list for the reasons bellow:  Not a one piece construction. That’s why it can break from the joint.

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 The cutting edge becomes dull very easily after few uses.  The coating is sticky. That’s why dirt can stick to the drill bit and get rusty very quickly.  Sometimes they Wooble a bit which prevents the bit from making clean holes. 2. Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal-Index Drill Bit Set 29 Piece - Best cobalt drill bits These drill bit set got positive reviews from everyone who used it. The unique rubber-molded case is a great addition to the set. If the set accidentally falls from your hand the bits won’t be damaged at all due to the rubber molded case. Features:  135-degree split tip ensures that the drill bits stays in the center and don’t walk away from the point.  The bits have 5 Cobalt in them for increased lifetime and protection against rust. Cobalt Steel extends the life of the cutting tip or edge. The stronger the tip the perfect the holes will be.  Extremely heat resistant. Due to the fast rotational speed of drill regular bits often get hot and meltdown especially the cutting edge. But you won’t face this problem with this set.  The Heavy Duty Web-Construction gives the bit a long life and Strong Body.

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 The bits are hard but they are liable to break if pressurized more than they require. That’s why it’s better not to use them on hard and tough surfaces. Pros Cons  135-degree split tip that minimizes walk  5 Cobalt  Heat and abrasion resistance  Heavy-duty web construction ensures strength and durability  Set’s rubber molded case protects the bits  They break easily  They are little brittle. Compare Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal-Index Drill Bit Set 29 Piece With Baban Pilot Point M35 Cobalt Twist Drill Bit Assortment Set Pack of fifteen Like Irwin BABAN Pilot Point M35 drill bits are also made of 5 Cobalt which makes both drill bit’s tip efficient in their work. But we couldn’t keep this product on our list for the reasons bellow:  The drill bit set is tough for hardwoods but for stainless steel these are pretty much useless.  Packed in a cheap quality plastic bag which can’t protect your drill bits from falling and breaking into pieces.

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 The tips of the bits are dull and need re-sharpening after every use. 3. Black Decker BDA91109 Combination Accessory Set 109-Piece - Cheap drill bit set This set is mostly suitable for home base projects In a comparatively low price you get a bunch of 1-2 inches bits which are a complete pack for your need. Features:  The bits come in a portable storage case. Bits are sometimes very fragile. That’s why they should be kept in a hard storage box which can take the damage. A portable storage box also allows taking them anywhere quickly and keeps the bits safe from falling off and losing.  This set contains ideal sizes of drill bits that are often used for household applications and projects.  Comes with different varieties of drill bits to drill through wood metal masonry and plastic.  The bits are strong enough to face much pressure.  The cutting edge of the tip wears out very easily. Unless you sharpen it you can’t get a clean hole. Pros Cons  Portable Hard Storage Case  Set contains the standard sizes of drill bits.  Varieties of drill bits for metal wood masonry and plastic  Cheaper and stronger  Bits are not durable  The edges start to become dull from the first use.

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4. Craftsman 100 Piece drilling and driving kit - Best all purpose driver bit set This Craftsman set has a total of 100 driving and drilling pieces including Drill stops bits Allen key nut drivers spade bits stubby screwdriver driver bits and folding case. Features:  This set has Power drill bits and inserts drill bits to fill your driving need.  A built-in storage compartment in the case makes sure the bits don’t spill. Many cases can’t keep the pieces inside stacked in their places. But this storage case has a separate compartment that allows the bits and other small pieces to stick to its area.  The set has 22 drill bits 1 Allen Key three drill stops 9 Nut Drivers three spade bits one stubby screwdriver and 61 driver bits.  Lubricants on the bit body to reduce friction and increase efficiency. Pros Cons  100 different bits.  Good for DIY projects  Sharp quality  Lubed up  Tips cracked off  Poor quality  The tips of the bits are very fragile. They quickly split and tears apart. Use carefully on hard surfaces.

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5. Irwin Tools Drill Bit with Reduced Shank - Best reduced shank drill bit The only one reduced shank drill bit set in our list. Though the set comes with only one drill bit it can easily pierce through hard materials. Reduced Shanks are usually straight shanks which are narrower than the drilling radius so that they could fit in the Chuck. Features:  Can drill through hard metal type surfaces including tough abrasive alloy metal.  The tip with 135-degree split point uses the minimum amount of force to eliminate “walking” on the surface.  8 Cobalt alloy provides better heat and abrasion resistance.  Made from industrial grade HSS High-Speed Steel for increased durability.  The cutting edge starts to become dull upon use. That’s why this bit needs sharpening very frequently. Pros Cons  Can drill through hard metal  Heat and abrasion resistant  Less force needed  8 Cobalt and hard body  Bits get dull 6. Milwaukee Hex Shank Drilling and Driving Bit Set - Best hex shank drill bit

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The 6 th product in our list is the best hex shank drill bit set available on the market. The bits are coated with Titanium for increased performance and lifetime. Features:  Quik-Lok Hex Chuck usually provides fast easy access. Quik-Lok hex extension is a unique addition to drilling bits. It allows the drill to hold hex-shank bits firmly.  Metal ratcheting keyless chucks for greater bit retention  Comes with a soft handle for better grip.  Durable and Versatile 38 pieces Quik-Lok bit system  The only problem of the driving bits is that they damage the screw heads. Pros Cons  High performance and heavy duty  Metal ratcheting keyless  Soft grip handle for grip  38 pieces Quik-Lok bit system  chuck separated from the fluted part of the bit  Breaks easily  Cheap quality 7. Neiko 10037A Left Hand Drill Bit Set - Best left- hand drill bits Last but not the least it is the best left-hand drill bits set in the market. The bits are coated with Titanium Nitride which makes them extremely durable and suitable to work in any situation.

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Titanium Nitride TiN: Titanium nitride aka TiNite is an extremely hard ceramic substance. They are often used as a coating on titanium alloys carbide Aluminum and Steel components to improvise the substrates properties. Features:  The bits are made of High-Speed M2 Steel for better efficiency on multiple surfaces.  135-degree split point twist design prevents walking and increases the cutting speed with self-centering.  Left-hand design can also be used with a screw extractor to remove broken fasteners.  Attachable and reversible drills to remove bolts screws and studs.  This set only comes in 7 limited sizes which are not enough to handle all household applications. Pros Cons  135-degree split point to increase cutting speed.  Left-hand bits made of high- speed M2 steel  Titanium nitride coating  Attachable to reversible drills to remove bolts screws and studs  Poor material quality Compare Neiko 10037A Left Hand Drill Bit Set With

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Titan Tools Left Hand Drill Bit Set Both Neiko 10037A and Titan tool are developed for left-handers but we didn’t add Titan on our list for the following reasons:  The labeled size is not always accurate.  The materials used to make the bits are cheap.  They are extremely fragile as well. It can be very annoying when your bits break in the middle of your work. Final Verdict: Editors choice In the end we decided to give you one product we think appropriate for you. But this has been tough for us because we have all these great drill bit sets on this list. After discussing with many professionals and practically using all the bits in this review we decided to go with Neiko 10037A Left Hand Drill Bit Set because it is great for most drilling purposes. It’s an extraordinary combination of M2 High-Speed Steel for highest durability 135-degree Split performance Tip and TiN coating for better heat resistance. For the unmatched efficiency in drilling metal surface Neiko would be the perfect deal for you.

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