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1 RIL COIN © Created Designed by Rilcoin– August 2017 RilCoin Studio A Powerful CryptoCurrency

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2 The Concept Abstract Introduction What is Rilcoin 01 History of Cryptocurrency Comparison of Crypto Technologies Successful Coins 02 Architecture of Coin Specifications Mining 03 Line of Business Use of coin Target Niche 04 Creative Description Development Rilcoin Podium Investors Collaborators Our Approach Goals Mission 05 Token Sale ICO Platform Authenticity Terms of ICO 06 Road Map Concept Development White Paper ICO XBRL Integrations Beta-Launch 07 Project Announcement To Push Inventions 08 RILCOIN WHITEPAPER Index

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Ready To Serve The Concept As the world is advancing towards digitalisation global internet access has made people sit-up take notice start embracing the change. In a nutshell we’re living in a rapidly changing world where the need for keeping up has become an obligation. With the introduction of various digital currencies our days of carrying around paper cash or pulling out cards have come to an end. The Central idea is to provide a platform designed purely for everyone regardless of geographical barriers and present a digital currency affordable usable by each of us by providing everyone the medium to achieve influence control in their creative ventures. The main focus is to get people involved in all the markets in a completely different manner. With Smart outsourcing revenue channels renowned collaborations network steady cryptocurrency practice for transactions revolutionary identity protection and blockchain protocol Rilcoin makes usage of digital currency effortless for it’s users.

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4 Brainstorming A lot of efforts has been put by experts to various industries to make a design a crypto-currency based upon a cutting-edge crypto-technology which is fully decentralised and actually has all the benefits of Fiat currency as well the freedom and anonymity of a Crypto-currency. Rilcoin is based upon a Crypto-technology which also helps in development of various applications like Encrypted Chats Encrypted Transactions Micro finance etc.

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5 CASE STUDIES Puzzle will be solved…

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6 BITCOIN BTC Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency invented in 2009 that followed blockchain and cryptography technique. All the other coins followed the base set by Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an experimental decentralised digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone anywhere in the world. Now it has become more worthy than an ounce of gold. 02 01 03 04 05 06 Crypto Technologies In the World THE EVOLUTION OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY History– CryptoCurrency

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7 Ethereum ETH A decentralized software platform that allows Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications ĐApps to be created and work without any fail hoax limitation or interruption coming from a third party. The mining process of Ethereum completely depends up on Geth. It is a program that connects with Ethereum network and works as a switch between the server’s hardware and remaining Ethereum Network servers so if a block is being mined by another server Geth will take it and transfer the information to your CPU/GPU mining. 03 02 04 05 06 01 THE EVOLUTION OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY History– CryptoCurrency Crypto Technologies In the World

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8 Bytecoin BCN Bytecoin BCN is a cryptocurrency started on July 4 2012 by the devs on the darknet. Bytecoin is not a fork Bitcoin and uses the unique algorithm CryptoNight. 04 03 05 06 01 02 THE EVOLUTION OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY History– CryptoCurrency Crypto Technologies In the World

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9 NXT NXT NXT was launched in 2013. It is a radically enhanced cryptocurrency built from scratch to deliver an exclusive and decentralized financial platform. It revealed new ways to use digital cash as well as share transfers. it also points out some drawbacks of other cryptocurrencies and offers improvements through its features. 05 04 06 01 02 03 THE EVOLUTION OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY History– CryptoCurrency Crypto Technologies In the World

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10 Ripple XRP Ripple is native currency to the Ripple network and is the only currency in the Ripple network that does not entail counter-party risk. XRP based an algorithm RTXP and designed to work seamlessly with the Internet and exists natively within the Ripple network as a counter-party-free currency. Each Ripple account is required to have a reserve of XPR to create ledger entries - 20 XPR. 06 05 01 02 03 04 Crypto Technologies In the World THE EVOLUTION OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY History– CryptoCurrency

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11 RilCoin RCN It’s a digital-currency based upon a cutting-edge crypto- technology which is fully decentralised and actually has all the benefits of Fiat currency as well the freedom and anonymity of a Crypto-currency. 01 06 02 03 04 05 Crypto Technologies In the World THE EVOLUTION OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY History– CryptoCurrency

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Your Tag Line Goes Here 12 ETH LTC ZEC DSH Launched in 2011 to follow the pattern set by Bitcoin. It was initially called as ‘silver to Bitcoin’s gold.’ It was produced by Charlie Lee a former Google engineer. Litecoin follows an open source global payment network which cannot be accessed by any central authority. This payment network uses "scrypt" as a proof of work that can only be decoded with the assistance of CPUs of consumer grade. Litecoin has comparatively faster block generation rate than Bitcoin that’s why it offers quicker transaction acceptance. Litecoin Launched in 2015 which is a decentralized software platform that allows Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications ĐApps to be created and work without any fail hoax limitation or interruption coming from a third party. In 2014 Ethereum introduced a pre-sale for ether which attained a great response level. As per terms defined by Ethereum Ether can be utilized in decentralizing securing trading and in coding anything. Ethereum Dash is also called as Darkcoin. It was launched in 2014 year starting. Dash works on a decentralized master-code connectivity to make the transactions completely untraceable. It is comparatively more secured and private version of Bitcoin. Its name changed to Darkcoin in March 2015 without changing its technical specifications. Dashcoin Launched in 2016 year ending. Zcash proposes with security privacy and transparency in function- ing and transactions. Just like Bitcon it works on the concept of blockchain. Using “zk- SNARK” it allows to perform extra protected transactions. ZCash Successful Alt-Coins Digital Coins features

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Your Tag Line Goes Here 13 Unsuccessful Alt-Coins Digital Coins features DAO It can be considered as the largest failure in the history of cryptocurrencies. It is well known as Ethereum’s DAO. DAO project made the largest crowd fund ever. But as soon as it came into exchange market it couldn’t last long. Dogecoin became famous because it was being used for public welfare and charitable functionalities. For some time it worked pretty well in the market but as soon as Dogecoin exchange Moolah fell down it lost all its success and charm. DogeCoin PayCoin It was launched in 2014 by famous Josh Garza and GAW miners. The inventors converted it almost like altcoin so investors no longer found this concept refreshing and promising.
 Its launch was great but with time it kept on going down.
 In the world of digital currencies various new concepts evolve day by day. DAO DOGE XPY

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14 COMPANY TIMELINE CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD CURRENCY 01 02 07 06 05 04 03 08 An individual accepts some part of money or any currency in return of some goods or materials must be satisfied with the form of money he/she is getting. One should accept it comfortably as payment. To generate easy acceptance a commodity must have some genuine advantages other than its monetary value. EASILY ADOPTED The currency should be persistent and its value shouldn’t diminish with time. It is the uniformity of money that it doesn’t get affected with usual ongoing phenomenon in life. It can be transferred from one to other and can be protectively reserved by anyone without getting deteriorated. It should hold its value doesn’t matter what time or season it is. PERSISTENT The currency should be partible. It means if you make parts of money or divide it then each divided part should hold a particular value accordingly. It means that if the money is to be divided quarterly then each quarter should be 25 of the whole. PARTIBLE It should be portable. It means that It must hold capability to be moved from one place to another. An ideal currency is the one that can be economically transferred from one point to other. CONVEYABLE Its value should remain stable i.e. should not change with time. Here the changes that we are talking about are related to its value only. Changing standard of value is similar to changing gram or litre. It simply means that the value of a commodity i.e. used to measure the value of other commodities should remain consistent or invariable. INVARIBLE Currency should contain elastic characteristics. It should be capable of performing certain alterations as per economy’s need. FLEXIBLE The currency should be decentralized i.e. without any involvement of central authorities. This enables more security and decreases transaction fee that is being consumed by banks or government bodies. This facility makes money transactions untraceable. DECENTRALIZED The cost to create or generate currency must be lower than its value.

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15 COMPARISON Fiat currency Vs Crypto Currency FIAT CURRENCY Issued by the Governments Centralized Monitored by the government Physical medium of exchange CRYPTO CURRENCY Generated by Computers Decentralized No one has control Digital medium of exchange Unlimited Supply Limited Supply E.g. GBP USD CAD Euro etc. BTC LTC ETH XMR etc. Cryptocurrencies are all ready to change the way people think of money. It has already revolutionized mindset of people. Major population has already started believing in it because of excessive security ease and future possibilities. Though Bitcoin is being used more than any other cryptocurrency but slowly people are investing in other ones too. Bitcoin was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

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16 CASE STUDY - INTERNET USAGE WORLD WIDE Comparison of Internet usage on Desktop Devices Vs Mobile Devices Noticing since 2009 more users are accessing internet via mobile devices or tablets than accessing internet via laptops or desktops. This proportion of mobile users is increasing year by year. The reason may be because using mobile for web browsing is more convenient than using a conventional computer or laptop. Maximum users around the globe are going to prefer a mobile-oriented world the charts above indicate clearly that mobile users are increasing faster than anyone had assumed or expected. It is quite impressive that how smart phones have acquired this whole internet- world. As per a representation from comScore represents better the internet access via multi- platform. This collected data indicates that the majority of users are multi platform and will be performing multi- screening most of the time by accessing sites on mobile or desktop as per the convenience. As usage of mobiles is growing this data from 2015 by Adobes latest Digital Index indicates the industries that were getting traffic via desktops instead of mobile phones. In future also the rate of smartphone usage will be increasing year by year. The growth in the number of mobile users will also get faster than the usage of feature phones. By the end of 2017 mobile phone users will definitely exceed feature phone users. Smartphones acceptance in developing countries like India Turkey Indonesia Vietnam Mexico Brazil Nigeria Peru South Africa and Philippines will be increased by the introduction of some nominal priced smartphones. “As per the data gathered by StatCounter in October 2016 51.3 of all internet visits recorded from smart phones and tablets compared to 48.7 of internet visits from laptops and computers.” We can break the percentage usage by mobile devices to know how much data has been accessed from smart phones and tablets separately. While considering them individually we got to know that 46.53 of traffic was generated by smart phones and 4.73 was generated by tablets. In simple words we can say that internet access is on the edge of being acquired by smartphones completely.

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17 SMARTPHONE USERS AND PENETRATION WORLD WIDE 2014 - 2020 “In 2017 2.73 billion people worldwide will use a mobile phone to access the internet representing 36.9 of the worldwide population 78.9 of internet users.” By the end of 2017 nearly 3.47 billion individuals worldwide will use the internet regularly representing 46.8 of the global population. Mobile phones will play a large part in access: 36.9 of the world’s population will use one to go online at least once a month. Many mobile phone users in these regions are upgrading from feature phones to smartphones to handle increasingly data-heavy activities. This jump has been helped by an influx of affordable smartphone models— comparable with top-of-the-line smartphones—and more affordable data plans. Nearly 54 of mobile phone users worldwide are expected to have a smartphone this year. In the Graph : Billions of mobile phone users and change Reference :

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18 AWARENESS ABOUT CRYPTOCURRENCY 20 6-20 3-5 1-2 Percentage of participants :

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19 Initial Coin Offering The ICO Authenticity Terms of Token Sale

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20 INTRODUCTION TO ICO Initial Coin Offering for crowd sale Creativity is like a God-gift only a few people own it yet everyone can develop it within one’s self. The RilCoin concept is designed especially for the ones interested in share market. It will definitely change the way you invest in shares and then gain the return from them. RilCoin concept also enables sending encrypted messages to any corner of the world and also one can perform encrypted transactions using this concept. INTRODUCTION It is an idea to gain an enough amount of fund from public.Thus it can be said “cryptocurrency crowd- sale” as funds are to be raised with the help of people who want to invest to gain considerable benefits further.The ICO is being implemented on the base of Block-chain technology. While performing ICO virtual cryptocurrency tokens are issued in exchange of leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Ethereum etc. These tokens are needed to show the cost of transacting on the new platform. The tokens provided to investors can be sold by them at any time after ICO ends. In exchange they can get their increased money back. Sale purchase exchange of token sale is explained further. Encrypted Chat/ message application and encrypted transactions via Rilcoin. Global one-touch payment system. Decentralised marketplace as well as world- wide one touch payment system. Micro-finance Business Apps

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21 RIL-TOKEN DISTRIBUTION WE ARE COMMITTED TO OUR GOALS AND POLICIES Unit of Value : RIL - The token of value used to control transactions including purchases of digital products contracts and other applications as well as services available and also third-party creators. Token Name RILTOKEN ICO Duration 90 Days WHAT DOES THIS TOKEN REPRESENT Ril platform token represents a Proof of Asset of the Ril platform. REPAYMENT PROGRAM We will systematically buy back Ril token from exchanges. This means that investors who contributed their assets to the ICO will actually be returned their contribution at the current market value of the Riltoken. TOTAL SUPPLY: 30 Million tokens for Crowd Sale PRICE PER TOKEN: USD 1.00 ADJUSTABLE Tokens not sold during the ICO will be allocated to our reserves and used accordingly when needed. No extra tokens will ever be minted.

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23 RIL TOKEN SALE - TERMS It These Terms must be carefully considered by the User prior to accessing the Site its functions and Services. Users are required to read these Terms attentively understand them and agree to them before starting to utilize the Site and the Services. It is the Users sole responsibility to understand and comply with the laws rules and regulations in his/her legal jurisdiction that may apply to the use of the Site and the Services. By accessing the Site and the Services you agree to accept these Terms. IN CASE YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ACCEPT THESE TERMS YOU MUST NOT ACCESS THE SITE AND THE RILCOIN.IO ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Please visit our website to access complete terms condition :

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TOKEN could be bought using BTC by generating address.Each time you want to add tokens in your account you will have to generate a new address. You can load the bitcoin to that address and then use token to purchase RILCOIN. 24 TOKEN SALE PHASES The Ril Token distribution will take place over 90 days and there will be total 30 million Ril Tokens available for crowd sale. Third Phase - At the end of each phase remaining unsold token if any will be carry forwarded to the next phase and they will be available for sale with the bonus of current phase. - In any phase If the available Ril-tokens are sold before the end date of that phase there will be a pause period to crowd sale of maximum 7 days and sale of tokens of next phase will start after pause-period. First Phase Second Phase

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25 OUR APPROACH Blockchain technology is the concept running behind RilCoin. It reverts the ownership of a given digital identity from centralised systems so that the individual is in control. Blockchain approach further decentralises data and computing capacity and thereby greatly increases users’ organizational security and privacy. Via this decentralisation methodology using Blockchain technique our approach is to change the way of dealings in fiat currency by changing the medium to invest and then getting back the return on investment. A decentralized model incorporates truly democratic principles by providing every participant an equal say in the vision development and objective of the organization. That is why everybody can send encrypted messages to anyone he/ she wants. We also will to launch our own decentralised marketplace in future. Asset Management System

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26 COMPANY TIMELINE Some of the key components of this project are: THE RILCOIN PODIUM Users Project Interactions Entities Macro Transactions Collaborator Micro Transactions Creator A User is an exclusive verified private identity on RilCoin that creates and manages Entities and wallets. Customers Constructors

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27 THE RILCOIN PODIUM Some of the key components of this project are as explained: Refers to activities on RilCoin that require both RilCoin and HEAT to execute functions such as Purchases Smart Contracts and Entity Creation. TRANSACTIONS Denotes activities like posting comments rating products or referring a developer on RilCoin that need the HEAT to be executed. INTERACTIONS An Entity is something like a public identity generated by user which controls transactions as well as interactions. Entities includes- Creator Collaborator customer etc. ENTITIES A virtual-self entity that develops and advocates Projects and Smart Contracts.They hire Collaborators and interact with Customers. CREATORS This Entity works on Projects and accepts Smart Contracts. Collaborators function with Creators and communicate with Customers. COLLABORATORS Under a project there includes compiled smart contracts. Selling of the products also belongs to this.Whole process is being performed by the Creator. PROJECT A Customers perform the functions like purchasing as well as interacting with Creators Collaborators and also other customers. CUSTOMERS The entity that avails with block “mining” facility IPFS data storage and User identity confirmation services for the RilCoin platform in exchange for Ril EMB and HEAT. Users constructors projects and the ecosystem itself communicate with this entity only. CONSTRUCTORS

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28 Our Goal Mission The end goal of RilCoin is to enable people to transact among themselves without these transactions being controlled by governments and mega corporations i.e. to make a direct payment without the need of a “middleman”. It supports to maintain monetary freedom by sustaining flexibility and convenience while buying or selling the shares. And even someday to become the basis for the Unified World Currency. Another of its aims is to provide a universal medium to send as well as perform encrypted messages and encrypted transactions respectively. One more mission behind it is to promote commercial websites completely based on internet in order to make the world more commercialized and protected than before. Our platform supports dealing in decentralised marketplace. We intend to provide fully one touch payment system to make the payment facilities more convenient for everyone.

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29 Target Niche For marketing it is important to identify their target audience. For a growing concept like RilCoin it is difficult to identify this set. So who can be the target audience if we want to market RilCoin It can be anyone that is ready to pave his road to success. From Novelists to Cover Artists Web Designers to Accountants Models to Mobile Payments anyone can complete the set. It is just a matter of hard work and effort that one is willing to put in.

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30 Micro Transactions Micro-transactions gets verified by a unique “proof of trust” “proof of use” seamlessly and real-time. Mobile Wallet RilCoin has a unique mobile wallet which has features that sets it above all. It not just lets you pay using wallet but generates money for you. Freedom of Payment No worry about payments crossing borders rescheduling for bank holidays or any other limitations one might think will occur when transferring money. Proof of Trust The idea is to get a transaction verified without a transaction fee or giving out any reward which is possible using “Proof of Use” and “Proof of Trust”. Flexible It is flexible to adopt all benefits of fiat currency. Retailer Acceptance Not only big reputed retailers can be customers of RilCoin but also this payment system is available to not-so-well known small group of retailers as well. Key Points The major key points that sets RilCoin apart from other cryptocurrencies are: Encrypted Messages Send encrypted messages to any corner of the world and also provides access to perform encrypted transactions. Such messages can be sent with the help of our chat support.

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31 02 03 09 08 04 07 05 06 It’s an open source technology so you may launch anything you want to.There are no limitations to innovation. Everyone wants to save time. In this fast moving century time is money. By giving quick results after investing ICO is about to attract most of the investors who will to invest in something for good. It is a valid medium to bootstrap a block-chain based business. 01 10 Project : To push Inventions It is an idea to promote crowdfunding phenomenon which will prove to be very useful in upcoming years. Its main aim is to increase number of investors to contribute in development of new inventions. It will help in providing a new outlook towards sharemarket. To any part of the world encrypted messages can be sent and also from any part of the world encrypted transactions can be employed. Another point is to promote e-commerce with the help of providing discount coupons for most of the websites. The idea is introduced to drag the attention of people to use e-commerce websites to provide them an ease and security to shop sitting at their homes.This is definitely to alter the mind-set of people as per today’s era. This platform will enable worldwide one touch payment facility. It will also offer a completely decentralised marketplace. In future this platform intends to launch its own decentralised marketplace.

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January 2016 Concept Development August 2016 Whiteboarding and POCs 15th October 2017 ICO Starts 32 THE ROAD MAP

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33 THE ROAD MAP … 13th January 2018 ICO Ends March 2018 XBRL Integrations April 2018 Beta Launch

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34 PROFIT to INVESTORS 1.The tokens are allotted to the interested investors who want to represent shares w.r.t. a particular organization. 2.The major thing to consider is that there is no requirement to give up equity. 3.According to the will of investors the tokens can be listed for exchange. 4.The investors who have already invested can cash out with an increased amount. 5.Due to some reasons if some interested people missed the ICO they can further join as investors and get benefited with considerable profits.This process will keep repeating itself so that every potential investor may involve in the process.

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