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The Paleo diet consists of eating preferrably grass-fed meats, poultry, wild-caught fish, organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, roots, and healthy oils while avoiding most processed foods, grains, dairy, legumes, refined sugars, and unhealthy oils or transfats. The basis for eating this way was discovered by researching the hunter-gatherer dietary practices of Paleolithic man who existed and thrived during an era prior to the developement of agriculture. Our prehistoric ancestors were omnivores who mostly foraged and hunted for food for over 2 million years. However, with the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago, humans began consuming more dairy, grains, sugars, and salt which led to a significant increase in obesity, disease, and death in civilized populations around the world. The goal of following the Paleo diet is to return to humanity’s original food sources and reclaim our health!


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Contents 1. About the Author The Paleo Approach Achieving Optimal Health with Paleo Nutrition By Brenton Black

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2. What Is Paleo Diet 3. How to Get Started 4. Paleo Diet Health Benefits 5. How Start Eating Paleo 6. What Is Paleo Fitness 7. Paleo Diet Food List 8. Going Completely Nuts….and Seeds 9. Recommendations For Further Reading

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About The Author My Name is Brenton Black and I appreciate that you’ve decided to learn more about me by visiting this page so lets get started Growing up I wasn’t too concerned about what I ate or how active I was because I was skinny and energetic. The majority of my meals were high in sugar heavily processed breaded covered in melted cheese or ordered from fast food restaurants. Since I wasn’t fat I thought I was healthy but looks can be deceiving… In middle school my skin started to become more oily and acne prone so I was prescribed several antibiotics over the years but they never completely cleared my acne. I asked my dermatologist if perhaps something I was eating was causing my breakouts but she claimed that acne isn’t effected by one’s diet. I continued eating poorly while taking antibiotics for several years and eventually I began having trouble digesting dairy until I was completely lactose intolerant. My acne continued to bother me throughout high school so my dermatologist suggested I take Accutane Isotretinoin. This would be the greatest regret of my life thus far because three months into the six month cycle I experienced several terrible side effects: • visual sensitivity to light • stuttering speech disorder • fatigue • depression

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• constipation • weight loss • cystic acne lesions • peeling/chapped lips • dry mouth/eyes/skin • insomnia I was referred to another dermatologist and he immediately cancelled the Accutane cycle and put me on a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug called Naproxen. According to him I had a rare infection as a side effect to Accutane so I had frequent injections of Cortisone in my face and neck to prevent the inflammation of the infection from spreading. In the aftermath of that ordeal I was able to recover from some of the side effects like the stutter depression and lesions caused by the infection but I still had issues regarding my digestive health and my acne never disappeared. Over the course of six years I had two laser surgeries to reduce the scarring on my face and I saw several specialists regarding the lingering digestive problems. Unfortunately they couldn’t figure out what was causing my weight issues constipation and fatigue so they diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS. I became quite hopeless I figured if the trained and highly educated specialists can’t figure out my health issues then what possibility is there for me to find an accurate self-diagnosis I scoured the internet for clues or answers and someone on a forum suggested gluten intolerance. I’d never heard of gluten before but they claimed they had my exact symptoms and wheat was the culprit Within two months of following a dairy gluten free diet my digestive problems vanished I was amazed with the results and my obsession for health and nutrition began I decided it was time to see if I could find some answers regarding what causes acne and if it was possible to overcome it naturally.

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Despite what my first dermatologist told me I found plenty of information and research proving relations between diet and acne. Luckily for me my efforts paid off when I became aware of Loren Cordain’s work. I immediately made the decision to follow the Paleo diet and I noticed a huge improvement in my skin. However new pimples would form after eating most fruits so I occasionally ate berries which didn’t have much of an effect on my skin. After five months of following a modified paleo diet coupled with vitamin and herbal supplements my skin was completely clear and radiant. Anyhow that’s my story After overcoming my own issues and finding fulfillment in helping others I hope to make PaleoApproach a resource for anyone interested in finding their own answers while achieving optimal health through a Paleo lifestyle What is the Paleo Diet The Paleo diet consists of eating preferrably grass-fed meats poultry wild-caught fish organic vegetables fruits nuts seeds roots and healthy oils while avoiding most processed foods grains dairy legumes refined sugars and unhealthy oils or transfats.

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The basis for eating this way was discovered by researching the hunter-gatherer dietary practices of Paleolithic man who existed and thrived during an era prior to the developement of agriculture. Our prehistoric ancestors were omnivores who mostly foraged and hunted for food for over 2 million years. However with the advent of agriculture 10000 years ago humans began consuming more dairy grains sugars and salt which led to a significant increase in obesity disease and death in civilized populations around the world. The goal of following the Paleo diet is to return to humanity’s original food sources and reclaim our health

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Paleo Diet Health Benefits If you are a health conscious person then you definitely must have heard of the Paleo diet. There is absolutely no lack of admirers of this amazing and possibly life-changing diet. Many people have taken to this diet for different reasons. But the end result is always same and each of them agrees that this diet has indeed helped them to stay fit and lose weight. Now any body with a proper mind would definitely wonder about convincing reasons to use this Paleo diet to lose weight when there are hundreds and thousands of other weight loss diets in the market. Well there are zillions of weight loss plans and diets. But how many of them are actually effective and how many of these effective weight loss plans can boast of being promoting healthy weight loss One of the greatest dangers of dieting or attempting to lose weight using fad diet plans is the risk of developing health disorders. You can easily end up in the hospital if you adopt the wrong diet plan especially if it fits in to the ‘lose weight overnight’ category of diet plans. Losing weight rapidly may be the most popular method but is not always the healthiest option. Paleo diet is a class apart from such fad diets and dangerous weight loss diet plans for many different reasons as listed below: • Paleo diet does not encourage extreme fasting or food restriction • It does not encourage adopting extreme procedures like cleansing or intense detox

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• It does not ask you to count calories or limit food intake • It does not ask you to adopt unhealthy foods • It has numerous health benefits like preventing onset of chronic disorders like heart troubles hypertension arthritis Multiple sclerosis Celiac disease Crohn’s disease IBS etc • The Paleo diet encourages use of lots of fruits and vegetables too which provides a good amount of fiber to the diet. Fiber intake has been linked to good health of the colon and also provides safety from dangerous diseases like cancer of rectum or colon fissures constipation hemorrhoids etc. • It helps in losing weight in healthy manner without any risk or bad effects. Many critics who oppose the Paleo diet say that it restricts dairy products so it can bring about a calcium deficit in the body and hence lead to calcium deficiency related bone disorders. This is not at all true because calcium can be sourced from other foods like spinach etc and need not be only depended upon dairy products.

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How to Start Eating Paleo Starting a Paleo diet can be difficult at first so here are some suggestions to make the transition easier: • Use this as a guideline for your meals: • Eat at least 2-3 salads a day. Salads are simple to make and can be highly nutritious when prepared with a variety of healthy ingredients. • Prepare meals ahead of time. At the beginning of the week or day- by-day take some time to prepare and cook large batches of food to store in the refrigerator for later. This will minimize the amount of time spent cooking overall.

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• Remove any non-Paleo foods from your pantry refrigerator. This reduces the likelihood of eating foods that aren’t Paleo-approved. • Use various herbs and spices when cooking. They offer a variety of different flavors that’ll keep foods from tasting repetitive or bland. • Carry nuts seeds or dried fruit at all times. A bag of nuts or dried fruit can be healthy snack or sometimes even a lifesaver in situations where Paleo-approved foods aren’t available. • Have a snack before going out. Many restaurants do have Paleo- approved options like chicken unbreaded steak preferably dry

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rubbed or a plain side salad with balsamic vinaigrette but some restaurants still coat everything in some form of wheat dairy or preservative-laden highly sweetened sauce or marinade. This is also a perfect opportunity to make use of that aforementioned bag of nuts seeds or dried fruit. • Eat some fruit to overcome sugar cravings. A cup of berries with some nuts or seeds and a glass of water can curb sugar or carb cravings until the next meal which is far better than eating other unhealthy sweets. • Drink plenty of water It’s very important to stay hydrated because the human body consists of about 55-78 water depending on body size so it needs at least 4-5 glasses of water a day to function properly.

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What is Paleo Fitness The basis of paleo fitness is to exercise while mimicing the movements of our hunter-gatherer ancestors: low to moderate activity such as walking or jogging combined with bursts of high intensity sprints heavy lifting and compound exercises which utilize multiple muscle groups. These basic compound exercises consist of: • Push-Ups Chest Shoulders Triceps • Pull-Ups Lats Biceps Middle Back • Dips Triceps Chest Shoulders • Squats Quadriceps Calves Glutes Hamstrings Lower Back • Overhead Presses Shoulders Triceps • Deadlifts Quadriceps Forearms Glutes Hamstrings Lower Back Middle Back Traps • Planks Abdominals Glutes Obliques Quadriceps Hamstrings Calves Lower Back Middle Back Traps Shoulders Chest There are several variations that can be performed with each of these exercises depending on grip hand or foot placement or use of equipment such as weights sandbags barbells or dumbbells. There

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are instructional videos about how to perform each of these compound exercises at the bottom of this post. If such exercises don’t interest you feel free to try other activities like hiking swimming cycling rowing rock climbing or playing various sports that incorporate quick powerful muscle movements or sprinting. The general idea is to keep yourself active so you’ll want to perform these exercises or activities 2-5 times a week depending on your current level of fitness. Regarding lifting aim for 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions for men or 3 sets of 12 -15 reps for women and adjust the weight accordingly: you’ll want to make sure you are struggling to lift the weight by the last repetition of each set. Allow for a 1-2 minute break between exercises to catch your breath or drink water. Always remember that after exercising the body needs nutrition and rest to recover properly so eat a protein-rich Paleo meal and get plenty of sleep. Also make sure to stretch briefly before and/or after physical activity to reduce the risk of injury.

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Paleo Diet Food List Lean Beef: trimmed of visible fat • Flank Steak • Top Sirloin Steak • Extra Lean hamburger 7 fat or less • London broil • Lean veal • Chuck Steak • Any other lean cut Lean Pork: trimmed of visible fat • Pork loin • Pork Chops • Any other lean cut Lean poultry: white meat skin removed • Chicken breast • Turkey breast • Game hen breasts Eggs: • Chicken enriched omega 3 variety • Duck • Goose Other meats: • Rabbit meat any cut • Goat meat any cut Organ meats:

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• Beef lamb pork chicken livers • Beef pork and lamb tongues • Beef lamb and pork marrow • Beef lamb and pork “sweetbreads” Game meat: • Alligator • Bear • Bison buffalo • Caribou • Elk • Emu • Goose • Kangaroo • Muscovy duck • New Zealand Cervena deer • Ostrich • Pheasant • Quail • Rattlesnake • Reindeer • Squab • Turtle • Venison • Wild boar • Wild turkey

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Fish: • Bass • Bluefish • Branzini Mediterranean sea bass • Cod Scrod is a young 2.5 lb or less cod • Drum • Eel • Flatfish • Grouper • Haddock • Hailbut • Herring • Mackerel • Monkfish • Mullet • Northern Pike • Orange roughy • Perch • Red snapper • Rockfish • Salmon fillet steak patties smoked • Sardines • Scrod • Shark • Striped bass

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• Sunfish • Swordfish • Tilapia St. Peters fish • Trout • Tuna • Turbot • Walleye • Any other commercially available fish Shellfish: • Aabalone • Clams • Crab • Crayfish • Lobster live lobsters • Mussels • Oysters • Scallops • Shrimp Fruits: • Apple • Apricot • Avocado • Banana • Blackberries • Boysenberries

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• Blueberries • Cantaloupe • Carambola • Cherries • Cherimoya • Cranberries • Gooseberries • Grapefruit • Grapes • Guava • Honeydew melon • Kiwi • Lemon • Lime • Lychee • Mango • Nectarine • Orange • Papaya • Passion Fruit • Pears • Pineapple • Peaches • Persimmon

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• Plums • Pomegranate • Raspberries • Rhubarb • Tangerine • Watermelon • All other fruits Vegetables: • Artichoke • Mushrooms • Asparagus • Mustard Greens • Beet Greens • Onions • Beets • Pasley • Bell papers • Parsnip • Broccoli • Peppers all kinds • Brussels Sprouts • Pumpkin • Cabbage • Purslane • Carrots

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• Radish • Cauliflower • Rutabaga • Celery • Seaweed • Collards • Spinach • Cucumber • Squash all kinds • Dandelion • Swiss Chard • Eggpland • Tomatillos • Endive • Tomato • Green Onions • Turnip Greens • Kale • Turnips • Kohlerabi • Watercress • Lettuce Nuts and Seeds: • Almonds • Pine Nuts

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• Brazil Nuts • Pistachios unsalted • Cashews • Pumpkin Seeds • Chestnuts • Sesame Seeds • Hazelnuts • Sunflower Seeds • Macadamia Nuts • Walnuts • Pecans Foods You Can Eat in Moderation: • Coconut Oil • Olive Oil • Ghee clarified butter • Avocado • Walnut • Flaxseed • Olive Beverages: • Water • Tea • Wine 2-4 oz glasses • Beer 12 oz 1 bottle • Spirits 4 oz

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Paleo Sweets: • Dried Fruits 2 oz • Nuts mixed with dried fruit and fresh fruits no more than 4 oz nuts and 2 oz of dried fruit a day. Going Completely Nuts… Seeds Nuts seeds are undoubtedly some of my favorite foods. They are delicious nutritious and easy to travel with or keep on hand as a snack. I use them regularly in most of my meals as well because they add a pleasant crunch and heartiness due to their well-rounded nutrient content of fat protein and carbohydrate. It’s commonly thought that most nuts are just that — nuts However the truth is that some foods commonly called “nuts” are actually kernels or legumes. The following “nuts” are not Paleo approved foods and should be avoided: peanuts legume soy nuts legume and corn nuts roasted corn kernels. Flax chia seeds could also be on this list since they’re technically grain seeds and weren’t consumed by

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our Paleolithic ancestors but due to their high omega-3 content some people consider them acceptable foods in moderation. These nuts seeds are acceptable Paleo foods: almonds pecans walnuts brazil nuts cashews hazelnuts chestnuts macadamia nuts pine nuts pistachio nuts candlenuts pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds hemp seeds sesame seeds. Other than eating nuts seeds by the handful you can also enjoy them in trail mix baked goods or nut butters Here are two of my favorite extra nutty recipes Homemade Trial Mix: • 2 cups sunflower seeds unshelled unsalted • 2 cups pumpkin seeds raw unstalted • 1 cup walnuts unshelled • 1 cup almonds • 1 cup pistachios unshelled unsalted • 1 cup dried fruit unsweetened raisins cranberries pineapple etc.

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• ¾ cup coconut flakes dried unsweetened • ½ cup bitter dark chocolate optional Mix all ingredients in a bowl container or zip-lock bag and it’s ready to eat You can make your own variations of this recipe by using different combinations of nuts seeds and dried fruits. If you’d like to add some spices to make it more flavorful mix a teaspoon of nutmeg and/or cinnamon. If you’d like a sweeter flavor you can preheat your oven to 350 degrees put only nuts and seeds on a baking sheet drizzle a teaspoon of raw honey over it bake for 5 minutes let cool and remove from the baking sheet and then mix with the other ingredients. Homemade Vanilla Nut Butter: • 5 cups of nuts almonds cashews hazelnut etc. • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract • 1 teaspoon cinnamon and/or nutmeg

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Add ingredients into the food processor bowl and process for about 10- 15 minutes stopping to scrape the bowl every 30-60 seconds as needed. This should take between 10-15 minutes.

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