Documents required for import customs clearance in the UK


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Importing Goods to the UK require documents for customs clearance. Let discuss some of the important and common certificates/documents required for import customs clearance procedures and formalities in the UK


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Documents required for import customs clearance in the UK Importing good from abroad to the UK involves documentation process. First-time goods or product importers might not be aware of the types of documents needed during the process. Check some of the most common custom clearance document needed during importing products. Naturally due to variety of the products imported from other country. The certification or document needed for all the goods are not the same. While importing good from abroad there are import customs clearance documents that needed to get approval from HMRC for the entry of all the goods in the country. Compulsory Documents All Importers Needed For Custom Clearance in the UK Bill of lading can be telex released or the original The bill of lading contains all the details of the shipment. It is the official shipping document to claim the ownership of the goods. After the transfer of a bill of lading the imported goods are moved from the supplier to belonging. The reseller is legally responsible for selling the shipped goods in the UK. Without the Original paper B/L or an electronic release the goods cannot be delivered to the importer.

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Commercial Invoice The commercial invoice contains the seller and buyer’s details in addition to the type of quantity goods and product price and sale terms. The commercial invoice also declares the custom about the number of Duties and Taxes that have been or to be paid. List of Packing Items Packing List The packing list provides the details to the shipper about the type of goods in the shipment number of cartons number of items in each carton Weight and dimension of the carton and process they are packed.  It makes easier for everyone to track and check what they’re shipping.  This allows everyone involved in the process at various stages the ability to check what they’re shipping – and also allowed to what you paid for on your invoice.  Packing list might not seem like essential documents but still it is important in many aspects.  It can follow an inspection record.  For clearance and entry into the country. The packing list is used by customs.  It allows the shipper to track on what has been requested too and what has been shipped.  Parking list is used to issue a bill of lading. EORI number EORI Economic Operator Registration and Identification number is a European identification. It is used to identify the shipment and the owner. Same EORI number can be used anywhere within EU for identification and in all the included countries.

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May need Documents Importers Its Depends upon the type of imported products Different goods have to follow different security and safety standards. Goods such as chemicals and firearms will naturally be more hazardous than any clothing products. So need to be treated safely. Depending on what products you are importing an additional document is needed. GSP Certificate of Origin Form A  GSP Certificate of Origin Form A is a document to certify the origin of the products. The document is signed and issued by the relevant government department or Chamber of Commerce or Embassy of the exporting country.  A document certifying the country in which the goods originated. It’s normally issued or signed by the relevant Government Department Chamber of Commerce or Embassy of the exporting country.  Most of the times GSP certificate are not required but for importing from certain countries that are part of the GSP scheme can be greatly beneficial then you can use your GSP Full form of origin to prove that your goods are eligible for a duty reductionimport Relief.  If you are not aware of the GSP scheme is In brief it encourage traders to trade with the developing country as the government offers free or reduced duty ratings on products from certain countries. CE Certificate The safety compliance certification CE certificate confirms that the imported goods are being produced with EU standards. The certificate is essential for assuring that the produced products can clear UK customs. The CE marking is required for many products. It:  Shows that the manufactured good cleared EU Standard health safety or environmental requirements  Is a sign of a good’s agreement with EU legislation Goods that require CE markings are:  Toys  Machinery  Electrical equipment  Electronic equipment  Personal protective equipment  Pressure equipment  Medical devices  Active implantable medical devices  In vitro diagnostic

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 Radio and Telecommunications terminal equipment  Simple pressure vessels  Gas appliances  Lifts  Recreational craft  Equipment and protective systems for use in explosive atmospheres  Non-automatic weighing instruments  Cableways  Construction products  Explosives for civil use  New hot water boilers  Measuring Equipment Certification for Port Health Edible products or product used in or with Food/drink need and additional certification as port health. Port Health is an authority to make sure that the products are healthy for the public environmental and animal health in the UK. A few examples of the certificates you may need include:  Organic Certification  Phytosanitary certificate  Sanitary Certificate etc. Test Certificates Some electrical products can be checked the safety by Trading Standards. You should be prepared to explain that the products have been officially examined to confirm the safety by providing test certificates.  Certificates of Conformity  Electrical/Chemical test reports  Report for Safe Transport of Goods A few goods you need an import license for:  Military Goods  Paramilitary goods  Dual-use technology  Artwork  Plants  Animals

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 Medicine  Chemicals Certificates of Authorisation Certificates of Authorisation work as the proof. They’re usually in the form of notes of the authorised holders. The Documents and Certificates help you in getting the trading in the UK. If you want any advice feel free to contact DNS Accountants at or 0203 384 0498. ____________________________________________________________________________________

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