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Plugin Sniper Review: Unique Wordpress Plugin reveals what plugins your competition are using Plugin Sniper: Do you love Wordpress Moreover do you want to make your site better than your competitors Because when you know what plugins your competitors use you get a deeper insight into their business.

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Sadly most Wordpress users have no idea what plugins their competitors use. This leaves them disadvantaged when the competition is using great plugins. They should be using them too. Moreover most people selling Wordpress guessed it they do not actually make much money either because they approach the wrong clients. BUT there is a unique plugin called Plugin Sniper that can help you: Find Profitable Wordpress Clients If you offer Wordpress solutions you want to find out what plugins a company is using. Why Because this shows you whats working whats important to them and whether they spend money or not. There are millions of businesses running Wordpress and many of these spend thousands of dollars a year on their web presence. They are always looking out for ways to improve sales and business processes. You only need 10 - 20 good Wordpress clients to make a healthy six figure income A great strategy is to licence plugin packages on a monthly basis as this creates recurring income. Plugin Sniper is the fastest way to find out what plugins your competition are using and find Wordpress sites who need your Wordpress plugins and services. It consists of the Wordpress plugin a Stand Alone version you upload to your site and a Members Only version you can log into 24/7. Plugin Sniper is perfect for Wordpress Fans and Marketers.

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Plugin Sniper Overview: Plugin Snipers Key Features: Plugin Sniper lets you:  Find out what plugins your competition use  Find out what plugins your clients competition are using offer a report

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 Find profitable companies in any niche and location  Find out which companies buy plugins  Find out which companies make the best clients How Does Plugin Sniper Work Step 1: Enter an url and the plugins being used are returned Step 2: Search for sites via categories lawyer restaurant recipes and find out what plugins they use Watch Plugin Sniper in action: Final verdict - Your Turn I highly recommend you grab this if you are into Wordpress and if you are looking for easy yet proven ways to generate consistent income selling Wordpress plugins and solutions. How many more sales could you make if you knew exactly what plugins a Wordpress site was already using It would be easy after you grab this fantastic plugin. Lets access to it and make a decision right now Plugin Sniper Plugin Sniper review Plugin Sniper review and bonus Plugin Sniper reviews Plugin Sniper reviews and bonuses Plugin Sniper discount Plugin Sniper bonus Plugin Sniper bonuses Plugin Sniper review and discount Plugin Sniper review in detail Plugin Sniper ultimate review

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