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RigWorld, IOSH approved training provider, offers First Aid Training course across West Africa. With a team of well-trained trainers, our First Aid training programs can be held at RTC and on your work site.


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Website: Mail-Id: First Aid Training Courses RigWorld IOSH approved training provider offers First Aid Training course across West Africa. With a team of well-trained trainers our First Aid training programs can be held at RTC and on your work site. Certificates are issued to Claron American Heart Association Pro Training EU National Skills Academy and UK standards. Through our effective training program you can learn a set of First Aid skills which makes you able to help others in a first aid emergency. We have trained thousands of people workers students and employees with our advanced training programs. We provide 1 Day and 3 Days training courses with advanced practical skills. These courses are designed for those who want to make their career in medical services emergency services and ambulance services.

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Website: Mail-Id: Our First Aid Training Courses include: Basic First Aid 1 Day Course This basic one-day first aid course is the standard training program which provides basic practical knowledge about the medical emergency such as fire and accident. This is the best course for those who want to help others in the medical emergency. Topics that we cover in the basic first aid course are Scene assessment Safety CPR Chest pain e.g. heart attack Breathing difficulties Dislocations Broken bones Burns Soft tissue injury Stroke Seizures Bleeding and Using an AED automated external defibrillator. Advanced First Aid 3 Days Course This 3 days course covers advanced key technique of the basic first aid programs which provides individuals with the opportunity to complete the advanced course with practical skills. This course will provide a great way to learn more about the medical emergency and technique to help the victims in the emergency. Topics that we cover in the Advanced First Aid course are Scene assessment Safety Identifying hazards quick response methods CPR intro to AED Chest pain e.g. Heart attack Breathing difficulties Medical conditions e.g. Stroke Dislocations Broken Bones Burns Poisoning Soft tissue injury Head and spinal injuries Seizures Bleeding Environmental conditions approaching major incidents.

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Website: Mail-Id: First Aid Refresher 1 Day Course The First Aid Refresher course is for those who have completed their first aid training less than two years ago. The refresher course has a practical focus that includes various scenarios to refresh and be updated on the latest skills in First Aid training. We provide the following Emergency services in our courses: Bleeding Shock and Soft Tissue Injuries: 1 External Bleeding

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Website: Mail-Id: In case of external bleeding emergency apply direct pressure on the external wounds of the victims with a sterile cloth or your hand continuing it until bleeding stops. 2 Major Wounds Pick off the body of the victims and wipe off with proper dressing. Wash wound and area around it and apply direct pressure on the wounds until the bleeding stops. 3Minor Wounds

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Website: Mail-Id: Wear gloves properly and clean the wound thoroughly with the antiseptic wipes. Cover the wound using a clean dressing such as a bandage and plaster. Take it off for medical advice if there are any signs of infection. 4 Burns 1. Run cool water or ice over the area of the burn 2. Cover the burn area with sterile material to protect from infection. Use a clean and dry dressing to cover the burn. 3. Call emergency assistance if needed. 5 Bites Stings Remove sting and wash the area with soap-water. Apply ice wrapped in a cloth in every 10 minutes. Apply antiseptic cream over it and take a painkiller. Check for the sudden anaphylactic attack.

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Website: Mail-Id: 6 Fractures Broken Bones Take these actions immediately while waiting for medical help: 1. Lay the victim flat on the ground and apply support to affected areas. 2. Stop any bleeding. 3. Immobilize the injured area. 4. Apply ice packs to limit swelling and help relieve pain. 5. Treat for shock..

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Website: Mail-Id: 7 Head Injuries Apply firm pressure to the wound with sterile or a clean cloth but dont apply direct pressure to the wound if you suspect a skull fracture. Watch for changes in breathing and alertness. 8 Sudden Illness Lay the victim flat on the ground and apply some support to affected areas. Elevate the legs to coax more blood into the brain. If a person in on the chair push his head down between his knees. Loosen light clothing and avoid crowding the patient. Call the doctor if necessary.

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