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Welcome to Right denture Innovative Denture Solutions it is a Newmarket Denture Clinic offering Partial and Complete Dentures, Same-day Denture Repair, Denture Implants and more. Call our newmarket denturist at (905) 853-5553 to book a free consultation.


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Newmarket Dentures

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Welcome to the Denture Clinic in Newmarke The denture clinic of Innovative Denture Solutions is open to attend to all patients looking for effective solutions to different types of denture problems. The denturists and technicians at the clinic of Innovative Denture Solutions are well-equipped in order to offer you the finest products manufactured with high quality materials and technology. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff at Innovative Denture Solutions are here to provide you with the best possible denture care. Andre Petrov and his staff members have provided their patients with high quality and affordable denture solutions, continued support and denture care .

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Denture Care Many items will stain your dentures, including  coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauces, curries, medications and your own saliva.  Daily denture cleaning is critical in order to prevent plaque and tartar build-up, food stains, bad breath, mouth infections and redness or irritation to your gums . Remove your dentures, rinse with water and brush thoroughly after 

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The Services  Offered by Our  Denturist :

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Smile Makeover

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Meet our team

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Innovative Denture Solutions 16610 Bayview Ave Unit 205, Newmarket , ON L3X 1X3 (905) 853-5553 Contact Us

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