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Looking for 3D printing services in NYC? We’ve created an index of the best 3D services in NYC.


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About Us:

About Us Our mission is to shorten your manufacturing lead time we onboard manufacturing units as our partners only after conducting thorough checks. We make sure we check the machines, certifications, materials used and processing units only then do we sign the manufacturers as our partners

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Looking for 3D printing services in NYC ? We’ve created an index of the best 3D services in NYC. We want to make sure that companies, freelancers and individuals without a 3D printer can get their desired 3D object. This is how it works you sending the corresponding (3D model). Local 3D print service and they will take care of the rest. If you have the design ready, then upload it to our website. But in case you don’t have a design ready, then describe the 3D Project to our designers.


Cont.. We then call upon our network of manufacturers to work on the design that we’ve received. The manufacturers are in charge of checking the technological feasibility, construction and the quality check of the product.

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Contact Details USA Mitchell Hall Room 102, 1421 Salt Springs Rd, Syracuse, NY 13214, +1 646-269-9625 IND Shaktipuram Industrial Estate, Prashantinagar , Kukatpally , Hyderabad, Telangana – 500072, +91 9591792432

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