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Acne Advice for Adult Acne Prevention   Acne is not only a skin problem among teenagers but also among adults. Stress and hormonal changes are said to cause adult acne. Medications like antiseizure drugs, cosrticosteroids and lithium were also said to trigger them. Acne advice from your dermatologist will help you to understand why you are getting it.   The top 5 products that can control acne include the following:   Facial cleansers. These wash the dirt, makeup and pollution away. Choose a facial cleanser that will not peel your skin. A good facial cleanser will allow other skin care products to reach your skin.   Over-the-counter lotions and creams. Cream and lotions with retinoid help clear the skin and minimize wrinkles. Benzoyl peroxide is also excellent in treating acne. Choose a milder benzoyl peroxide to avoid drying the skin.   Cosmetics with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps combat acne. Choose cosmetic skin care products that are non- comedogenic because they do not blog the pores or non- acnegenic because they do not cause any skin breakouts.   Prescription drugs. Some prescribed drugs, like birth control pills, affect your hormones and aids in controlling acne. Ask advice from your dermatologist before using prescription pills and retinoids . Some antibiotics found to be effective in treating acne require a doctor’s prescription.   High-tech procedures. These include light and vacuum therapy. Light therapy, also known as laser therapy, is used to treat acne but is said to be hurting. Vacuum therapy work with lights. Both are expensive, though.   Prevent adult acne by seeking acne advice from your dermatologist instead of relying on what other people say.    

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