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National Pharmacy Network:

National Pharmacy Network Local Advertising Program

The Foundation:

The Foundation All businesses face the same challenges How to get: More customers More market share Additional revenue Increased bottom line National Pharmacy Network Local Advertising is the best way to do this!

The Foundation:

“There is only one valid definition of a businesses’ purpose; to create a customer. Companies are not in business to make things… but to make customers.” Peter Ferdinand Drucker The Father of Modern Management and a Social Ecologist The Foundation

National Pharmacy Network:

National Pharmacy Network A website that pays you CASH BACK for shopping at stores you probably already shop! More than 1,100 to choose from!

Referral Program:

National Pharmacy Network also has an incredible referral program. When you refer a friend and they shop using National Pharmacy Network, you earn 10% matching referral cash! Referral Program

Best of All:

Best of All Membership is FREE! It takes only a few seconds to join.

NPN Shares its Commissions:

NPN Shares its Commissions Online retailers save money on inventory and overhead costs. NPN gets a commission when members shop at a store, like eBags , by going through NPN first, then NPN shares these commissions with its members!

Advertise Your Business:

Advertise Your Business “More and more people reach for their mouse when they need a plumber, baker, mechanic, spa, hat store or whatever.” Get your business inside this rapidly growing online trend – become a Local Advertiser!

National Pharmacy Network Local Listings:

National Pharmacy Network Local Listings National Pharmacy Network’s local listings are drawn from a central database that serves dozens of sites. This means you won’t just get new customers from NPN, but from all of those others sites too!

Local Listings Include:

Local Listings Include Logo and Name Description Location Information Address Phone Hours Map Coupons Ratings and Reviews

Multiple Locations:

Multiple Locations A single business can have an unlimited number of locations, both: No additional charge! Locally and Nationally

Optimization and Indexing:

SEO comes standard with every Listing! We ask you to issue a Coupon, Promotion or Special We drive rankings on engines like Google and Bing Search criteria is based on search terms: City, Coupon(s), Special, Rebate, Free, Discount, and Business Specific Terms We basically end up with: (City)(Business)(Coupon) For example: Brookfield Acupressure Coupon Optimization and Indexing *first page ranking is common but not guaranteed

Local Listing Features:

Copyright © 2010 Pinnacle Communications int'l, Inc. 13 Local Listing Features Customized page with Logo and description Map, store hours and contact information Coupons, ratings and reviews Search engine optimized internet presence Free National Pharmacy Network memberships Back office tools for Listing set-up Creating coupons Adding locations Building an e-mail database of customers Feedback approval system All for only $599.95 per year

Local Listing Benefits:

Copyright © 2010 Pinnacle Communications int'l, Inc. 14 Local Listing Benefits More people come into your store You get more traffic and business from your web site You move to the front of search engines Customers redeem your specials and coupons The free gift of the NPN membership builds customer loyalty, your database and your revenue For less than a cup of coffee! $ 1.64/Day

The Decision is Yours:

The Decision is Yours Thank you for allowing us to share the Local Advertising program with you. Become a Local Advertiser Now!

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