Comparison amid Search Engine Marketing & Traditional Marketing


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Is it traditional or the digital, which marketing technique is better than other is? Let us find out ahead.


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Comparison amid Search Engine Marketing & Traditional Marketing:

Comparison amid Search Engine Marketing & Traditional Marketing We can understand the importance of marketing for a company. It provides them a platform to spread the word around about their business, about their achievements and about their new products. Without marketing, a company cannot expect their products to be famous and popular among others. Even though various new marketing methods are popping up but only few of them are capable enough to grab the eye of the customers or fulfill the need of the marketing. Among them, two are the traditional marketing and the digital marketing. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Traditional marketing consists of the ways, which have been followed, in this marketing since the time first marketing campaign was begun. The digital marketing is the one, which consists of the methods and technique, which include internet. The traditional form of marketing is trusted marketing as it has been used for decades. Planning the strategy and giving out advertisement on the general source of media is very common among companies. However, digital marketing like the search engine marketing is a bit new and came into being since last decade only.


Even though the business giants are aware of the benefits, however they are skeptical of choosing this method of marketing. Here are some of the points, which can help one t distinguish between both types and choose the suitable one: Cost: before planning any marketing strategy it is very essential to plan the marketing strategy otherwise one can suffer the dire consequence of lack of finances in the middle of the program. Traditional form of marketing requires good flow of finances due to the large number techniques and personnel recruited in it. However, for digital media like the search engine optimization , one does not require a large amount. These can be handled efficiently by one or two personnel and are much affordable in comparison to the traditional form. Reach: even though traditional marketing is being used for years, it has some restrictions like reach. It cannot reach beyond a certain limit, which is not there for the digital marketing. The search engine marketing has a global reach making it capable of touching and influencing the global customers. You know it well, which one wil be suitable for your marketing needs.

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