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Digital Literacy Misinformation Debate:

Digital Literacy Misinformation Debate Has Literacy in children increased as technology has progressed


PRESENTED BY team B Arielle Lovelace (Intro. And Thesis) Daniel Faloshey (Research) Richard Larntz (PowerPoint/Team Leader )

The argument being presented:

The argument being presented Over the years technology has begun to play an increasing role in the lives of the average American. It is also this same technology that has led to a decrease in the basic social skills that are needed in order to be successful in life. Thus affecting the degree of literacy of children nationwide with that being said, the data that Team B has collected will in fact provide evidence that will support our argument. It is this evidence that proves technology has lowered the literacy of our young people instead of increasing it. Introductory and Thesis statement provide by Arielle Lovelace (2014)


RESEARCH STUDY OF 2007 Lack of properly recorded data.. Studies have shown that there is a lack of increase in literacy. Any data that has been collected merely reflects a potential increase if used properly, or a decrease in retention and efficiency. Effectiveness of Reading and Mathematics Software Products: Findings from the First Student Cohort (2007) Test scores were not significantly higher in classrooms using the reading and mathematics software products than those in control classrooms. There was substantial variation between schools regarding the effects on student achievement. Thirty-three districts, 132 schools, and 439 teachers participated in the study. Sixteen products were selected for the study based on public submissions and ratings by a study team and expert review panels.

Technology and attention span:

Technology and attention span Honore &Schoefield (2009), authored a study named Generation Y: Inside Out in which they observed the following: young people are "undoubtedly capable of long periods of concentration“ those who spend a lot of time alone using technology "tend to have less in the way of communication skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence." Honore &Schoefield (2009), further their research by observing: "That's not because they don't have the capabilities. But because they are spending so much time communicating remotely with people rather than face-to-face, when they come into situations where they have to work with others, they appear not to concentrate on people.” Honore &Schoefield (2009 )


Side EFFECTS OF TECHNOLGY According to Journalist Alice Martin in a 2013 article named: The 4 Negative Side Effects Of Technology, she gives four possible side effects of technology use. Elevated Exasperation Deteriorating Patience Declining Writing Skills Lack of Physical Inactivity

The falling behind of our nation:

The falling behind of our nation According to the Eli and Edythe Broad foundation. Two out of three eighth-graders can’t read proficiently. NAEP (2011 ) NAEP (2011) Nearly three out of four eighth- and 12th-grade students cannot write proficiently. NAEP (2012 ) Enhancing Education Through Technology Program (EETT), The Department Of Education’s only federally funded program devoted to bringing technology to the classroom. $700 million dollars annually were funded in the beginning . By 2010, funding had dropped to just $100 million dollars annually. It was defunded as part of a federal budget compromise in the spring of 2011. Education Week ( 2011)

The decline of proper writing skills:

The decline of proper writing skills A recent study by Essex University has announced that most young adults at the college level tend to show little skill in the ways of proper writing. And, it has also shown that there is an urge by the same young adults to use a “compressed type language” ( Henry)2013

Digital literacy Misinformation debate:

Digital literacy Misinformation debate We are currently living in a society that has become totally dependent upon its technology and this dependency will continue as our society progresses and the literacy of our young people is in jeopardy due to this. “We now rank 20th among industrialized nations for high school graduation rates, but 40 years ago, we were first. Of our 8th graders, 70 percent can't read at grade level .” Bennet (2014) Wow! 70% can’t read at the 8 th grade level and there are those who believe the literacy of children has increased with technology. 40 years ago we were number 1, so wouldn’t that be before texting, tweeting, facebooking, and endless hours of video games?


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