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Gravity: A Force of Attraction : 

Gravity: A Force of Attraction Chapter 4 Section 4

Gravity : 

Gravity Gravity is the force of attraction between objects that is due to their masses. All matter exerts gravitational force because all matter has mass.

Gravity : 

Gravity The force that pulls you to Earth's surface results from gravity. The force of gravity between two objects depends on the masses of the objects and the distance between the objects.

Gravity on the Moon : 

Gravity on the Moon You would weigh less on the moon than on Earth because the moon has less mass than Earth does.

Weight and Mass : 

Weight and Mass The amount of matter in an object is the object's mass. When you weigh yourself on a bathroom scale, you are measuring force.

The Sun : 

The Sun Earth and other planets are kept in orbit around the Sun by the gravitational force of the Sun.

Mars : 

Mars Mars is less massive than Earth. If you could travel to Mars, your weight would change but not your mass.

Jupiter : 

Jupiter The mass of Jupiter is about 320 times the mass of Earth. However, Jupiter's gravity affects Earth very little because Earth is so far from Jupiter.

Isaac Newton : 

Isaac Newton The law relating gravitational force to mass and distance was first stated by the scientist Isaac Newton.

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