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Do you ever need a festive fashion? I sum up my experience to show you how to do it in style. Although, it is in autumn now, you should bear that it is very short. Maybe several days later,the holiday season will come officially. It's the time of year for sparkle, seasonal colors, and elegant outfits that work for long days at the office followed by festive parties. Stock your wardrobe with everything you need for transformation; these are must haves for your beautiful Winter wardrobe. Full Skirt We love this look that's a bit chic mixed with formal; it works for hitting a holiday party or even a special evening out. And this cut is so flattering for any body type, making it a great addition to your wardrobe this season. And we love this elegant pattern mixed with the fitted black blouse. Plaid So in season, plaid is a quick and easy way to add a bit of holiday to your outfit. And you can play around with reds, greens, and even a bit of gold or silver in the pattern for a pretty touch. If you are still confused, I find a lot of good and fashion matches here I believe you can do very well to show yourself in this festival season.


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I n s p i r a t i o n Fashion:

I n s p i r a t i o n Fashion I won't stop believein ' Retailer & Distributor

Tag Line:

Tag Line You won't realize the distance you've walked until you take a look around and realize how far you've been I won't stop believein '

Philosophy :

Philosophy Inducting of New Concept of Fashion Retail for He n She in Pakistan I won't stop believein '

Objective :

Objective To create maximum awareness of life style fashion in Pakistan I won't stop believein '

Mission :

Mission To bring leading brands under the gloom of Inspiration Fashion Castle in Pakistan I won't stop believein '

Group Brief:

Group Brief Inspiration Fashion is the only Fashion Castle for He and She. The first concept of Department store in Pakistan. Inspiration fashion have to keep all category of he and she accessories and fashion related stuff. Inspiration Fashion is the separate entity of Multitech Marketing Services Group Inspiration Fashion will be introducing 1 st Fashion retail Store in Karachi, location will be at Dolmen City Tower at Sea View-Clifton. The first branded Jewelry Store ‘ Misaki ’ is opening soon under the umbrella of Inspiration Fashion. Inspiration Fashion is also exclusive distributor of Luxury & Fashionable Branded Watches & Accessories In Pakistan. Multitech Marketing Service Group Approx. US$15+ Million financial strength with operationally active countrywide and having 130 plus human resources. MMS Group is premium distribution and retail chain network of Luxury items, fragrances, cosmetics and fashion accessories. I won't stop believein '

Group Hierarchy:

Group Hierarchy Marketing & Sales Division Staff Strength 66 Import & Logistic Division Staff Strength 04 HR & Administration Division Staff Strength 04 IT Department Staff Strength 05 Warehousing Department Staff Strength 08 Finance Department Staff Strength 10 Group CEO & Director Fashion Division Staff Strength 08 I won't stop believein '

Category for ‘she,:

Category for ‘ she , Accessories Ladies Hand Bags Ladies Valet Eye Wear Watches Jewelry Campaign Dress I won't stop believein '

Category for ‘he,:

Category for ‘ he , Accessories for Hand Bags Leather Belts Eye Wear Watches Cufflinks Body Wear Foot Wear I won't stop believein '


Accessories I won't stop believein '

Paris Hilton:

Paris Hilton I won't stop believein '

JLO-Jennifer Lopez:

JLO-Jennifer Lopez I won't stop believein '


ESCADA I won't stop believein '


EQUSS I won't stop believein '


LANCEL I won't stop believein '

Watches & Jewelry:

Watches & Jewelry I won't stop believein '

Classical & Innovative MORELLATO - Italy (Jewels & Time Piece):

Classical & Innovative MORELLATO - Italy (Jewels & Time Piece)

Azzaro & RSW (Time Piece):

Azzaro & RSW (Time Piece)

Roberto Cavalli (Time Piece):

Roberto Cavalli (Time Piece)

JUST Cavalli (Time Piece):

JUST Cavalli (Time Piece)

Philip WATCH (Time Piece):

Philip WATCH (Time Piece)

Paris Hilton (Time Piece):

Paris Hilton (Time Piece)

Off Shore (Time Piece):

Off Shore (Time Piece)

EQUSS (Time Piece & Jewelry):

EQUSS (Time Piece & Jewelry)

ROTARY (Time Piece):

ROTARY (Time Piece)



MISAKI (Jewels & Time Piece):

MISAKI (Jewels & Time Piece)

Retail Concept:

Retail Concept Accessories Hang Bags Eye Wear Foot Wear Body Wear Campaign Cufflink Watches Much More I won't stop believein '

Distribution Network:

Distribution Network Karachi Lahore Islamabad 08 04 03 I won't stop believein '

Existing Brands in Pakistan:

Existing Brands in Pakistan I won't stop believein '

Local Brands in Pakistan:

Local Brands in Pakistan Many More… I won't stop believein '

Upcoming Brands in Pakistan:

Upcoming Brands in Pakistan Many More… I won't stop believein '

Distribution overview:

Distribution overview I won't stop believein '

Distribution overview:

Distribution overview I won't stop believein '

Distribution overview:

Distribution overview I won't stop believein '

PowerPoint Presentation:

Plot # 147 Sector 23, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi Tel: + 92 21 3505 1840 / + 92 21 3505 8849 Fax: + 92 21 3506 8118 Email: I won't stop believein '

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