Types of Home Garage Doors


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A garage is an integral part of one's house. Read on for a few ideas on the types of doors that can be installed for a garage.


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Types of Home Garage Doors The garage door is a vital element of your home’s external appearance. The garage door should coordinate well with the front door of your house. Let us have a look at the different types of garage doors available: External brick slips are a great option for the walls. 1. Swing-out or Carriage Style – These are the most common garage doors and open and close just like regular doors. They are extremely convenient and can easily match almost any style of the house. 2. Swing-up Style – These doors swing upwards when opened and they are extremely suitable for modern styled homes. The only drawback is that they need sufficient space in the front yard to open and also a motor to operate. 3. Roll-up Style – These doors can roll up or down to allow the car to move. It is mandatory to use metal for its design and also requires a motor to operate. It is most suitable for larger homes with sufficient space. 4. Timber Cladding Style – Such doors are perfect for people seeking a rustic and traditio9nal finish to their homes. They are available in light dark and natural finishes and can be constructed in either sectional or tilted versions. You can use external timber cladding in the walls. 5. Sliding Style – These doors are made up of glass but these are solid glasses with the incorporation of steel. To open these doors you need to slide the door in a regular way. These doors can be used to connect to outdoor areas such as patios or yards. They match with ravishing glass décor in the exteriors of one’s house.

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