Career in Sales

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Career in Sales:

Career in Sales

Nothing Happens Until You Sell Something:

Nothing Happens Until You Sell Something Selling is the final step in a firm realizing its central objective—maximizing long-term profit. Selling is the ultimate implementation of the firm’s purpose and objective. All employees are involved in selling the firm’s products because they help the firm achieve the best marketing mix.

Definition of Personal Selling:

Chapter One 3 Definition of Personal Selling Personal selling is the process of seeking out people who have a particular need, assisting them to recognize and define that need, demonstrating to them how a particular service or product fills that need, and persuading them to make a decision to use that service or product.

The 11 Elements of Successful Personal Selling:

The 11 Elements of Successful Personal Selling Thorough product knowledge Listen to the customer Call on the right people Call with a purpose Professional attitude, decorum, and attire Get the appointment

The 11 Elements of Successful Personal Selling:

The 11 Elements of Successful Personal Selling Get to know everyone Network Develop a long-term relationship with your customers Be well Surrounded Close the sale

Selling’s Relationship to the Firm’s Purpose and Objective:

Selling’s Relationship to the Firm’s Purpose and Objective The best salespeople are those who believe passionately in the value of the products they sell A critical ingredient in having passionate salespeople is that every employee sees, understands, and accepts the firm’s purpose and objective as worthwhile Selling on purpose—helping customers get what they want so they can make their lives better gives meaning to selling

Salesperson Differences:

Salesperson Differences Traditional Salesperson Professional Salesperson Golden Rule Salesperson Guided by self-interests Takes care of customers Others interests most important

Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 1

Everybody Sells! :

Everybody Sells ! Each of us develops communication techniques for trying to get our way in life You are involved in selling when you want someone to do something You use persuasion skills to persuade someone to act

What Salespeople are Paid to Do:

What Salespeople are Paid to Do Salespeople are paid to sell – that is their job Performance goals are set for: Themselves – In order to serve others and earn a living and keep their job Their employers – So the companies will survive Their customers – To fulfill needs and help organizations grow

Roles and Responsibilities of Salespeople:

. 11- 11 Roles and Responsibilities of Salespeople Gather market information Solving customers problems Locating (new) and maintaining (current) customers Providing follow-up service Making effective sales presentations is the core of the job, but much time is spent on related activities.

Rewards of Sales:

Rewards of Sales Satisfaction in serving customers Unlimited income Flexibility in daily schedule Independence

PowerPoint Presentation:

Rewards Non-financial Intrinsic reward of knowing you’ve skillfully delivered a sales presentation Quick path to managing large amounts of responsibility Quick path to managing others Financial Higher average salary than that of other workers at the same level within the organization Based upon performance, not tenure

Downside of Sales:

Downside of Sales Rejection Variability of income Travel Extended hours/availability

Sales Compensation:

Sales Compensation Salary Commission Combination of salary/commission

Successful Salespeople:

Chapter One 16 Successful Salespeople “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” - Thomas Jefferson

Characteristics of Successful Salespeople:

Chapter One 17 Characteristics of Successful Salespeople Enthusiasm, Sincerity, and Empathy Ability to ask questions Administrative ability Pleasant personality Resourcefulness Goal Directed Perseverance Initiative

How Salespeople Spend Their Time:

Chapter One 18 How Salespeople Spend Their Time

The 4 Steps to Success in Selling:

The 4 Steps to Success in Selling A rousing Curiousity/attention in your product I nterest in doing something about it D esire for one product or service in particular A ction

Why Targets are important:

Why Targets are important Goals and targets help you focus, and motivate you to succeed Work out your personal averages to help motivate you when productivity is low

PowerPoint Presentation:

Exhibit 1.2 : The Customer is at the Center of the Sales System: ABC’s

PowerPoint Presentation:

Is a Sales Career Right for You? What are your past accomplishments? What are your goals? Do you want to have the responsibilities of a sales job? Do you mind travel? How much travel is acceptable? How much freedom do you want in a job? Do you have the personality characteristics to succeed? Are you willing to transfer to another city? Another state?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Exhibit 1.8: Success in Selling–What Does it Take? Love of Selling Is At Heart of Helping Others ( Ssuccess )

PowerPoint Presentation:

Personal Characteristics Needed to Sell for Building Long-term Relationships Joy in work Harmony in relationship Patience in closing the sale Kind to people Morally ethical Faithful to your word Fairness in the sale Caring for customer Self-control in emotions Salesperson

Once Again, Are You::

Once Again, Are You: Caring? Joyful? Able to get along with others? Patient? Good in building rapport? Excellent in communication? Extrovert? Fair? Self-controlled?

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