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The Presidential Election of 1996 : 

The Presidential Election of 1996

Clinton’s Troubles : 

Clinton’s Troubles In 1992 Clinton wins with 43% of the popular vote. That means 57% of the country voted for someone else Economic Plan can't make anyone happy "HillaryCare"

Republican Revolution of 1994 : 

Republican Revolution of 1994 People see Clinton as too small for job Thought he had overstepped his mandate - Repubs would do same Dick Morris and Triangulation Newt Gingrich and “Government shutdown”

“Post-Historical” Foreign Policy : 

“Post-Historical” Foreign Policy The Ugly Bosnia Rwanda The Bad Somalia Haiti The Good N. Korea Russia

Bouncing Back:“Comeback Kid” Strikes Again : 

Bouncing Back:“Comeback Kid” Strikes Again “The President is relevant.” Oklahoma City bombing Welfare reform

Democratic Nomination : 

Democratic Nomination Convention held in Chicago, August 26-29 Very uneventful - only the fringe candidate Lyndon LaRouche challenged Clinton LaRouche lost his lawsuit claiming violation of Voting Rights Act in the primaries Clinton-Gore ticket nominated unanimously by voice vote The most exciting thing at the 1996 Democratic Convention…

Crowded Field for GOP : 

Crowded Field for GOP Sen. Robert Dole - Senate Majority Leader; Ford’s VP Nominee in ‘76 Pat Buchanan – Political commentator and journalist, former aide to GOP presidents, ultra-conservative on social issues Steve Forbes - Millionaire, editor of Forbes magazine, ran on the flat income tax Pete Wilson – Governor of CA, former Senator

GOP Primaries: The Issues : 

GOP Primaries: The Issues Tax cuts & supply-side economic policies Flat taxes Dole’s 15% cuts NAFTA & Economic Nationalism Abortion – Buchanan’s threat

A Bitter Contest : 

A Bitter Contest Field of over 8 Republican candidates Buchanan wins a number of upset victories in early primaries Dole regains momentum, wins all primaries from N. Dakota on By the end of the primaries, Dole’s image and war chest have been weakened Social liberals like Pete Wilson criticize him on the Human Life Amendment; Buchanan threatens him on pro-life front

GOP Convention : 

GOP Convention The Tally Dole – 1928 votes Buchanan– 47 Forbes – 2 Dole uses convention to appeal to moderates Very scripted and produced, Gingrich denied prime spot

Senator Dole : 

Senator Dole Forced to move to the right by Buchanan and spent campaign reserves during primaries 15% tax cuts fail to excite Nomination seen by some as “his turn” Wanted to make character an issue "Better Man" Ad Washington Post: he has “risen… from his political sickbed to reclaim the mantle of front runner”

Ross Perot : 

Ross Perot Less support in 1996 due to “eccentricities” Opposed NAFTA, immigration enforcement, and balanced budget 80% want him in debates but FEC says he doesn’t meet criteria Files fed. lawsuit citing unfair media coverage

President Clinton : 

President Clinton Able to focus on campaign early (no significant challengers) Targeted swing states with summer campaign TV ads depicting Dole as aged “out of touch” conservative

The Clinton Campaign : 

The Clinton Campaign Enlisted Dick Morris for re-election strategy Stole Republicans’ thunder - 2 major tactics Triangulation: attracts diverse group of voters by distancing himself from Democrats, outmaneuvering Republicans Third Way Politics: 1) welfare reform 2) tax cuts for middle class 3) balanced budget "Next Century" ad

First Web Campaign : 

First Web Campaign

Campaign Donations Controversy : 

Campaign Donations Controversy Democratic National Committee’s fundraising practices called into question Washington Post publishes story alleging China directed contributions to the DNC VP Al Gore implicated in fundraising event at Buddhist temple in California

Generational Divide : 

Generational Divide “We are now being governed by the people we used to spank. We are now being threatened by the people who wouldn’t let us have the car on Saturday night.” -New York Times 50 yrs old, 3rd youngest president 73 yrs old, oldest 1st time nominee, seen as “return of WWII gen.”

Dole’s “Frailty” : 

Dole’s “Frailty” Lots of focus on his age and seeming physical frailty Paralyzed right arm from WWII combat Falls off campaign stage, photo printed in all the major papers day after

Election Results : 

Election Results Clinton 49.2% pop. vote 379 electoral votes Dole 40.7% pop. vote 159 Electoral votes Perot 8.4% pop. vote 0 Electoral votes

Election Results : 

Election Results

Lessons Learned : 

Lessons Learned DEMOCRATS Clinton captured the center Dole portrayed as an out-of-touch conservative REPUBLICANS Dole was a weak candidate from the start Must look for new leaders who can motivate the base while capturing the center

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