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Learn about all the tips of the patent and its importance which will provide the help to you how to secure, safe the patent from others.


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Importance of Patent:

Importance of Patent

What is Patent?:

What is Patent? A patent is gives an inventor to the rights to stop the other people to creation and using their inventions. If somebody creates or uses the invention without your permissions, then inventor can sue that the person in court and make them to stop.

Types of Patent?:

Types of Patent? Utility patent Design patent Plant patent Reissue patent

What can be Pretended:

What can be Pretended Any invention New functional New technical ideas. Novel Must not be declared as non pretended under the patent act.

Importance of Patent:

Importance of Patent To improve the existing technology To increase the production To avoid the duplication of research.

Stages of the Patent:

Stages of the Patent Filling an application for patent Examination Withdrawal Opposition

Benefits of Patent:

Benefits of Patent Patentee Society

Objective of Patent Law:

Objective of Patent Law Grant the exclusive monopoly rights New invention New technology and industrial process Pass the invention in the public domain for new advancement technology.

What is Invention?:

What is Invention? Any useful and unique ideas. Article of manufactures New process of methods. Improvements of any of the above.

Getting a Patent:

Getting a Patent This is also known as patent application, in this inventor they can write the patent application because is mainly written by the person to trained by write the patent application.

Using a Patent:

Using a Patent The owner of the patent they gives the permission to use their patent, this is also known as license. If the person wants to use the other patent they will generally pay the money to owner of the patent.

For Example::

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