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Here we have discussed about introduction of Riccardo Vieri which will provide the help in patent attorney.


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Introduction of Riccardo Vieri:

Introduction of Riccardo Vieri

About the Riccardo Vieri:

About the Riccardo Vieri Riccardo Vieri is a Patent examiners develop specialist expertise within a particular area such as biotechnology, but opportunities may arise to change specialist subject areas.


Achievements Tic, mobile and contextual advertising. Motivation, leadershipt, team building Innovation and start up Working consulting, management Using patent technologies Producing on the field starting from 0.

Latest Work :

Latest Work The new latest work and direct selling industry such as: Copyright work Invention digital signage advertising Sisal international


Skills Inventers hip Communication Others

Inventers hip :

Inventers hip I have inventing in these 3 years areas such as: telecommunication, mobile contextual advertising , digital signage advertising. I starting the inventing of company in 1988.

Communication :

Communication I had been starting the open speaking and copyrighting in 1983. I had been learning more and more working on this fields. Actually I ma good public speaker for both technically and motivational.

Others :

Others I love new challenges in our life: The power of diatomic hydrerogen Radio Ham Animals Social life Athletic Patent examiners


Testimonials He never breaks from challenges head on and never sluggish down. He leads by example and has all the characteristics that top leaders need to be successful.


P ortfolio Sisal Block chain Digital Advertising

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