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patent is a law which authorized you about a invention and here are some interesting points about it.


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Patent By: Riccardo Vieri

What is patent?:

What is patent? Patent is a legal document is granted by the government giving an inventor the antonyms right to make, use, and sell an invention.

Defining Your Idea :

Defining Your Idea Write down your idea Know who can apply for a Patent Understand what types of invention can Patented What cannot be patented

Conducting Patent Search :

Conducting Patent Search Contact the nearest Patent Agent to help you conduct your search conduct a patent search online Anywhere and Everywhere I need targeted and focused search.

Filing Your Application :

Filing Your Application Employee registered a patent antonym. Prepare a patent application yourself. Submit your document application

Receiving and Maintaining Your Patent:

Receiving and Maintaining Your Patent Evaluate your application Checkout your fees Receive your patent

Avoiding Patent Promoter Scamming :

Avoiding Patent Promoter Scamming Trade communication website Know your rights Check with better Business public administrations. Consult with the patent Antony

Types of Patent:

Types of Patent Utility patent Design patent Plant patent

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