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FISCAL POLICY Submitted By Riaz Ahmed MBA(1 st SEM)


Contents Fiscal Policy Objectives of Fiscal Policy Methods or Tools of Fiscal Policy Advantages of Fiscal Policy Drawbacks of Fiscal Policy Suggestions for Reforms in Fiscal Policy in India

Fiscal Policy:

Fiscal Policy To generate revenue and to incur expenditure, the government frames a policy called budgetary policy or fiscal policy. So, the fiscal policy is concerned with government expenditure and government revenue.

Objectives of Fiscal Policy:

Objectives of Fiscal Policy Economic Growth Promotion of Employment Economic Stability Economic Justice or Equity

Methods or Tools of fiscal Policy:

Methods or Tools of fiscal Policy Taxation Policy Government Expenditure Public Debt Policy Deficit Financing

Advantages of Fiscal Policy:

Advantages of Fiscal Policy Capital formation Resource Mobilization Incentives to Private Sector Encourages savings Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation Reduction in Inequality of Income and Wealth Export Promotion

Drawbacks of fiscal Policy:

Drawbacks of fiscal Policy Lack of elasticity Non- Monetized Sector Inadequate Statistics Illiteracy Limited Sector Delay in Decisions Limitations regarding full employment Defective Tax structure Inflation Huge investment with negative Return in Public Sector

Suggestions for Reforms in fiscal policy in India:

Suggestions for Reforms in fiscal policy in India Improving tax Administration to raise Larger Revenue Reducing Subsidies Downsizing of government Privatization Reprioritize plan schemes Agricultural taxation Reduction of non- development expenditure Progressive tax structure Public Sector Performance to be Improved Check on Black Money

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