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How To Find Flattering Plus Size Jeans For Women Get ready ladies, the range of plus size jeans for women has just got better than ever! Do you own a pair of jeans that enhances your bottom, improves the shape of your thighs and appears to lengthen your legs? Now is the time to start looking as the new styles of plus size jeans for women are specially designed to flatter a curvy woman’s figure . The first step to finding the right pair for you from the plus size jeans for women collection is to know your body shape. Do you have an apple shape, a pear shape or an hourglass silhouette? Every body shape looks better in different styles of plus size jeans, so it’s important you take a look in the mirror and work out what shape you really are. Below is a mini guide to what plus size jeans for women work for each body shape: Apple shapes Women with the apple shaped body are heavier at the top half of the body and smaller at the bottom. Therefore apple shapes should look for plus size jeans to enhance their bum with rear pocket embellishment or pocket flaps to attract attention and make the bottom appear curvier and lifted. Straight leg jeans also look good on apple shapes, as these women have naturally slim legs that should be showed off! Pear shapes Pear shaped women are heavier on the bottom and the hips with a naturally slim waist so finding jeans that fit both areas can be difficult. However, boot cut jeans are fantastic plus size jeans for pear shapes as they have more stretch around the thighs so you can tend to get away with a smaller size that will fit your waist. Also, bootcut jeans flare out below the knee and this balances wider hips and thighs. Hourglass figures If you have a curvy womanly figure that’s well proportioned and naturally slim at the waist then look for plus size jeans for women that are well fitted around the waist to enhance it. Skinny leg jeans or straight leg jeans are ideal but wide leg and loose-fitting plus size jeans for women are not flattering enough. If you have an hourglass figure then be proud to show off your curves and slim waist by wearing your jeans with a fitted top and a belt.

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