Best Place for Meditation and Yoga in Lonavala


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Lonavala is also considered as one of the best hill station for meditation and yoga.


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Lonavala - Best Place for Meditation and Yoga Lonavala is a quaint hill station near Mumbai. Situated in the western part of Maharashtra it is also known as the ‘Jewel of the Sahyadri’. However apart from being a perfect picnic destination Lonavala is also considered as one of the best hill station for meditation and yoga. Here are a few reasons why: Breathtaking Nature Lonavala is a heaven for anyone looking for peace solitude and nature centric meditation experience. Numerous waterfalls cool green expanse crystal clear lakes and deep valleys are not just a delight to the eye but are also very soul-elevating. The scenery is highly charming and offers great space for spiritual vibrations. Moreover the pleasant climate is just apt for the concentration of mind body and heart. Owns Many Luxury Hotels If you’re a modern yogi - craving for detox juices and fast Wi-Fi amidst nature along with some amenities like a beautiful garden or a swimming pool - booking an accommodation in hotels in Lonavala is just a great idea for you. You will find numerous resorts in Lonavala that make it a great place to kick-start your yoga and meditation session. In fact there are some spa resorts in Lonavala that even offer treatments focusing on healing and calming rituals. So if you are looking for some relaxation and rejuvenation along with your yoga and meditation session ensure you book a stay in one of the best hotels in Lonavala for that extra pampering and treat. You are sure to have a memorable experience for a lifetime. Offers Healthy Food and Dine Options Wise regulation of food is another important part of a foundation for meditation. And Lonavala is no way behind in terms of good food and dining options. Apart from breathtaking nature you will find some great hotels in Lonavala that offer healthy dining options for all guests. In fact some 5-star resorts in Lonavala even offer some nutritious and wholesome international cuisines to soothe different taste buds. So even if you are hunting for some healthful food that truly supports and nurtures your yoga – you are sure to find it all in Lonavala. In short this hill station has all that is needed for a meditation and yoga trip. The next time you plan to take a short mediating break from your hectic schedule ensure you visit

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Lonavala You will surely feel wonderful and refreshed while you explore the great positive vibrations in the beautiful setting of this hill station

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