Lonavala is Considered to be One of the Best Tourist Places


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In the state of Maharashtra, Lonavala is a most popular place where the destination’s natural beauty is admired and explored. There are many places to visit in Lonavala. With this article, we have described some popular places in Lonavala.


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Lonavala Is Considered To Be One Of The Best Tourist Places Located In Maharashtra Lonavala is a popular hill station situated between Mumbai and Pune. This place is renowned for its scenic beauty and awesome climate. There are many places to visit in Lonavala where the destination’s natural beauty is admired and explored. Take a look at some of them: Rhythm Lonavala Lonavala has accommodation for all budgets. And while there are several mid-range and luxury hotels in Lonavala offering facilities for tourist there is one hotel that you shouldn’t miss – i.e. Rhythm Resort. This 5 star resort in Lonavala is built around a unique and wonderful collection of pre- existing trees which are over 70 years old. With indigenous artifacts high living gracious hospitality and impeccable service this hotel in Lonavala helps you reconnect with the sacred natural world in a beautiful setting. This resort is so beautiful that you can even plan a wedding in Lonavala. From music flowers colours and cuisine the dedicated team of wedding management professionals will take care of every minute aspect of planning your big day. Tiger Leap Lonavala Tiger’s Point or Tiger’s Leap is a prominent tourist attraction that resembles a tiger taking a leap across the hill. It offers splendid views of the valley and is a treat for all nature lovers. The echo produced by rocks falling into the crevasse is another highlight of this destination. Moreover during the monsoon you get a chance to see some natural waterfalls from the mountains across the valley. Bhushi Dam Bhushi Dam is another popular destination in Lonavala. During heavy monsoons the dam water overflows over a series of steps and then over some easily accessible rocky terrain. In short it’s a perfect place to treat yourself with cool water and the vibes of nature. Rajmachi Fort The Rajmachi Fort in Lonavala is amongst the loveliest treks in Maharashtra. This place is so beautiful that it attracts trekking devotees both young and old to scale its grand stature every year. It is the pride and delight of Sahyadri Ranges and offers visitors an experience that cannot be explained in words.

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Duke nose One of the most striking landmarks to hit your eyes as soon as you reach Lonavala is the structure of Duke’s Nose. It’s a huge monolithic rock structure that pierces the misty clouds with its peculiar shape The peak was given the pseudonym of Duke’s Nose as it resembles the nose of the Duke of Wellington The peak is also called ‘Nagphani’ which translates to mean snake’s hood. The beauty of the destination lies in its calm and unspoiled air which is as of date free from overcrowding and pollution. Be it anytime of the year Duke’s nose is surely rewarding in all for its splendid beauty

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