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Central Vacuums New Zealand is an authorised reseller of Electrolux Oxygen Central Vacuums. We also supply a full range of accessories to suit any application. https://cvnz.co.nz/


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Central Vacuums New Zealand


How It Works INSTALLING SMART CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS There are three main scenarios that apply when installing SMART central vacuum systems : Replacing Your Existing Central System Almost all central vacuum system manufacturers make it easy to remove units from mounting devices. This means replacing your existing system should be straightforward . Installing In Your Existing Home You can install a central vacuum system to almost any size, age, or style of home. Plus, you can install it yourself or you can use a professional installer . Installing In A New Build Home The best time to install a central vacuum system is when you are building a new home or when renovating. The installation occurs before you install the wallboard but after all the electrics and plumbing are installed .


Hide a hose Smart Hide-A-Hose Retractable systems are versatile. Pick an attachment and vacuum carpet, tile, hardwood, stairs, windowsills, baseboards, upholstery, curtains, cupboards, fans, lint traps, mattresses, pets beds, cobwebs, over, under, down low, up high. That’s smart . Healthy Hide-A-Hose Retractable Systems are healthy. Dirt is removed through the central vacuum piping in the wall, not stirred up and recirculated in the air. No more drafting particles, no more vacuum smell, giving your allergies a break. That’s healthy .




Benefits BENEFITS OF SMART CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS Vacuuming your home is easy when you have a SMART central vacuum system. It has all the features you need while being simple and comfortable to use. It’s also convenient, efficient, and effective . Powerful Suction Quiet Operation Lightweight Convenient Versatile Long-Lasting Power Plug-In and Vacuum Cleaner Air Optional HEPA Allergy Plus filtration Sleek Design


Contact Us Address: Hutton Pl, Mount Maunganui , Tauranga 3116, New Zealand Call Us: 0800 276 278 Email: sales@cvnz.co.nz Connect With us / centralvacuumsaustralia / / centralvacuumsaustralia

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