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ADOLESCENCE Transition period between childhood and adulthood

Initiation Rites : 

Initiation Rites Adolescence is a time of preparation for adult responsibilities Many initiation rites (ceremonies or rituals in which an individual is admitted to new status or accepted into a new position) that mark admission into adulthood Birthdays 16/18/21 Graduation Weddings

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During this time adolescents undergo complex physical and emotional changes The end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood is blurry, as it differs for every person

Puberty : 

Puberty Puberty is the biological events that mark the end of childhood Sexual maturation End of childhood and point where reproduction is first possible Hormones dictate different growth in boys and girls

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Remember that the rate of growth varies so widely that it is hard to apply norms or standards to puberty Girls can begin puberty as early as age 8 but on average between 8 and 10 years of age Boys begin at age 9 or 10 and on average between 9 and 16 years of age Just before puberty boys and girls experience a growth spurt (a rapid increase in weight and height) Growth spurts peak at age 12 for girls and just after age 14 for boys Boys about 4-6 inches a year, girls 3-5 inches Growth spurts usually last about 2 years Shortly after the growth spurt, individuals reach sexual maturation

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At about age 12 boys begin to develop pubic hair and larger genitals Normally between 12-13 years of age, they achieve spermarche (first ejaculation) Their growth spurt begins 24-27 months than girls but lasts three years longer Once growth spurt begins boys grow rapidly and fill out (broad shoulders and thick body trunks) Boys develop more muscles than girls and larger hearts and lungs Voices gradually deepen and hair begins to grow on their faces and later on chests

Girls and Puberty : 

Girls and Puberty At about age 10, girls suddenly begin to grow Breasts and hips begin to fill out and develop pubic hair Between 10-17, her first menstrual period – menarche 12-18 months after first period, her period becomes more regular and she is capable of conceiving a child – although pregnancies can occur immediately following menarche Most societies consider menarche the beginning of womanhood

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Puberty can be an awkward time, because of asynchrony (the condition during adolescence in which the growth or maturation of body parts is uneven, unbalanced Adolescents may be self conscious and this can affect personality and behavior

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