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Exam Code : 2v0-631 Exam Name : VMware Certified Professional 6 - Cloud Management and Automation Beta Pass Your 2v0-631 Exam On The First Attempt With Realbraindumps

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Exam Number Exam Product Exam Duration Number of Questions Passing Score Exam Languages Format : : : : : : : 2V0-631 vRealize Suite 120 minutes 85 Questions 300 English Japanese Single and Multiple Choice Proctored https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Exam Details

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https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Exam Topics  Section 1: Install Configure and Upgrade vRealize Suite Components  Section 2: Administer vRealize Automation Users Roles and Privileges  Section 3: Create and Administer Cloud Networking  Section 4: Configure and Administer Tenants and Business Groups  Section 5: Allocate and Manage vRealize Automation Resources  Section 6: Create and Administer vRealize Automation Components  Section 7: Monitor and Troubleshoot a vRealize Automation Implementation  Section 8: Configure and Administer vRealize Orchestrator  Section 9: Configure and Administer vRealize Business Standard  Section 10: Configure and Administer vRealize Application Services

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An executive has asked for a report showing the number of machines in each business group and the total resources that those machines use. Which Resource Report can you run to satisfy the request A. IaaS Capacity Usage by Group. B. IaaS Capacity Usage by Owner. C. IaaS Capacity Usage by Compute Resource. D. IaaS Capacity Usage by Blueprint. Answer: A https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Question No : 1

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Which VMware NSX for vSphere components can be created on demand using vRealize Automation Choose two. A. The Logical Switch B. The Distributed Router appliance C. The Distributed Firewall appliance D. The NSX Edge Services Gateway appliance Answer: AD https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Question No : 2

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Senior IT leadership wants information to help determine workload placement and tradeoffs between buying newhardware or using a public cloud provider. What VMware product provides that information A. vRealize Business B. vCenter Chargeback C. vCenter Configuration Manager D. vRealize Operations Answer: A https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Question No : 3

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What role does a user need in order to request and manage machines on behalf of other users A. Fabric Group Manager B. Tenant Administrator C. IaaS Administrator D. Support User Answer: D https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Question No : 4

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Which two Network Profiles could an administrator create to ensure every machine can access the external network and is also accessible from the external network Choose two. A. NAT Network Profile B. Private Network Profile C. Routed Network Profile D. External Network Profile Answer: AC https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Question No : 5

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What are two valid usable cloud resources that can be leveraged by vRealize Automation Choose two. A. Google Compute Engine B. SCVMM C. KVM RHEV D. Standalone ESXi Answer: BC https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Question No : 6

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After successfully creating a service blueprint which two steps must be completed to allow the newly created service blueprint to be available for use Choose two. A. From the Service Blueprints list highlightthe new Service Blueprint and select Publish. B. From the Catalog Management Services list highlight the new Service Blueprint and select Publish. C. From the Catalog Items list configure the Service Blueprint to be part of a Service. D. From the CatalogItems list edit the Service Blueprint and change its Status to Active. Answer: AC https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Question No : 7

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What is a prerequisite for system administrators being able to add tenant administrators A. The configuration of Identity Stores. B. The installation of IaaS. C. The creation of an IaaS administrator. D. The creation of an Infrastructure administrator. Answer: A https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Question No : 8

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Why would you add a text element to a service blueprint A. To allow users to enter custom properties. B. To allow users to enter free-form text as a description for the service they are deploying. C. To add descriptive text to the form. D. To add versioning capabilities to the service blueprint. Answer: C https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Question No : 9

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Once an administrator has added a new property definition to the Properties Dictionary in which two places can it be used Choose two. A. In a Build Profile B. In a Machine Blueprint C. In an Entitlement D. In a Service Blueprint Answer: AB https://www.realbraindumps.com/2v0-631-braindumps.html Question No : 10

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