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Implementing Cisco IP Routing Get Most Updated 300-101 Dumps And Pass The Exam On The First Attempt

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Exam Number Associated Certifications Duration Available Languages : : : : 300-101 ROUTE CCNP Routing and Switching 120 minutes English Japanese Questions of Length 45-65 Questions : https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Exam Details

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https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Exam Description Implementing Cisco IP Routing ROUTE 300-101 is a qualifying exam for the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching and CCDP certifications. The ROUTE 300-101 exam certifies the routing knowledge and skills of successful candidates. They are certified in using advanced IP addressing and routing in implementing scalable and highly secure Cisco routers that are connected to LANs WANs and IPv6. The exam also covers the configuration of highly secure routing solutions to support branch offices and mobile workers. For extra information visit the link. Our live chat agent will fully help you.

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Refer to the exhibit. Routers R2 R3 R4 and R5 have OSPF enabled. What should be configured on the routers in area 1 to ensure that all default summary routes and redistributed EIGRP routes will be forwarded from R6 to area 1 and only a default route for all other OSPF routes will be forwarded from R5 to area 1. A. R5config-router area 1 stubR6config-router area 1 stub B. R5config-router area 1 stub no-summaryR6config-router area 1 stub C. R5config-router area 1 nssaR6config-router area 1 nssa D. R5config-router area 1 nssa no-summaryR6config-router area 1 nssa Answer: D https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Question No : 1

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Which statement is true concerning 6to4 tunneling A. IPv4 traffic is encapsulated with an IPv6 header B. The edge routers can use any locally configured IPv6 address. C. Hosts and routers inside a 6to4 site will need a special code. D. An edge router must use IPv6 address of 2002::/16 in its prefix. Answer: D https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Question No : 2

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What is IPv6 router solicitation A. a request made by a node to join a specified multicast group B. a request made by a node for its IP address C. a request made by a node for the IP address of the DHCP server D. a request made by a node for the IP address of the local router Answer: D https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Question No : 3

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An IPv6 overlay tunnel is required to communicate with isolated IPv6 networks across an IPv4 infrastructure. There are currently five IPv6 overlay tunnel types. Which three IPv6 overlay tunnel statements are true Choose three. A. Overlay tunnels can only be configured between border routers capable of supporting IPv4 and IPv6. B. Overlay tunnels can be configured between border routers or between a border router and a host capable of supporting IPv4 and IPv6. C. Cisco IOS supports manual generic routing encapsulation GRE IPv6-compatible 4to6 and multiprotocol Label Switching MPLS Overlay tunneling mechanism. D. Cisco IOS supports manual generic routing encapsulation GRE IPv4-compatible 6to4 and Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol ISATAP overlay tunneling mechanisms. E. A manual overlay tunnel supports point-to-multipoint tunnels capable of carrying IPv6 and Connectionless Network Service CLNS packets. F. Overlay tunneling encapsulates IPv6 packets in IPv4 packets for delivery across an IPv4 infrastructure. Answer: BDF https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Question No : 4

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Company plans on migrating their network from IPv4 to IPv6 in the near future. Which three techniques can be used to transition from IPv4 to IPv6 Select three A. Dual stack B. NAT C. Flow label D. Mobile IP E. 6to4 tunneling F. Anycast G. MBGP Answer: ABE https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Question No : 5

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In IPv6 the interfaces running OSPF can be configured with multiple address prefixes. Which statement is true about the IPv6 addresses that can be included into the OSPF process A. Specific addresses cannot be selected for importation into the OSPF process. B. Specific addresses can be selected using an ACL. C. Specific addresses can be selected using a route map. D. Specific addresses can be selected using a prefix list. Answer: A https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Question No : 6

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A Network engineer wants to configure logging to compile and send information to an external server. Which type of logging must be configured A. Terminal B. Syslog C. Buffer D. Console Answer: B https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Question No : 7

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A network engineer executes the show ip cache flow command. Wich two types of information are displayed in the report that is generated Choose 2 A. top talkers B. flow export statistics C. flow sample for specific protocols D. MLS flow traffic E. IP packet distribution Answer: CE https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Question No : 8

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Which command should be executed on all ABRs in an area to configure it as a totally stubby area A. Routerconfig-router area process-id stub no-summary B. Routerconfig-router area area-id no-summary stub C. Routerconfig-router area area-id stub no-summary D. Routerconfig-ospf area router-id no-summary stub Answer: C https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Question No : 9

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Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer executes the show ipv6 ospf database command and is presented with the output that is shown. Which flooding scope is referenced in the link-state type A. link-local B. area C. As OSPF domain D. reserved Answer: B https://www.grades4sure.com/300-101-exam-questions.html Question No : 10

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