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REMEMBERING Rudy RAVANERA August 17, 1947 - December 28, 2010

Early Years:

Early Years Born in Manila – August 17, 1947 – 3 rd child of Fortunato and Juanita Ravanera Finished elementary from Quirino Elem., high school in FEU Boys High and Dentistry from UP

Early Years:

Early Years Rudy and Mom, Juanita Rudy on his graduation

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Immigrated to the US in 1974 Passed the California Board of Dentistry in 1989 and practiced Dentistry until 2005


Family Survived by 2 sons – Roy and Ryan and daughter, Camille Ryan, Rudy and Roy Camille and Rudy

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Babette and Rudy

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Emma and Rudy Lana and Rudy


Family Survived by siblings: Roger, Ramon, Rebecca, Reynaldo, Rodrigo and Rachel, by in-laws – Lita, Jack, Lynette, Carol and Ding and lots of nephews and nieces

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Rudy loved life to the fullest. He certainly did things “his way” – his favorite song.

Fondest Memories :

Fondest Memories Most remembered as easy going, fun loving and generous Hobbies included golf, cooking and Women Calm demeanor but definitely had a wild and crazy side

Fondest Memories:

Fondest Memories What do you remember most about Rudy? His laugh and his smile – Ryan There are so many stories to tell about Rudy that cannot be captured by this space – Ravanera Family Describe Rudy Crazy – Emma Wild and crazy – Lana

Fondest Memories:

Fondest Memories What would you miss the most? Cooking for him – Lita Receiving his calls at all hours – Kelly His presence – Randy The quirky sense of humour – Rhea “DYNOMITE” – Joseph Thomas (jt) Loud Laugh - Nikki

Friends and Fun:

Friends and Fun Rudy loved the game of golf and the company of friends.

Rudy Ravanera :

Well-loved, fondly remembered and never forgotten Rudy Ravanera

Farewell…So Long Rudy:

Farewell…So Long Rudy WE LOVE YOU!! WE’LL MISS YOU

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