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EME6507 Multimedia for Education & Training Final Course Activities Webinar:

EME6507 Multimedia for Education & Training Final Course Activities Webinar Dr. Richard Hartshorne Associate Professor, Educational Technology University of Central Florida


Agenda Remaining Modules Final Course Assignments ePortfolio Multimedia Project Test 2 Questions???

Remaining Modules:

Remaining Modules Module 13 : Interactive Multimedia & Hypermedia Module 14 : Test 2 No New Material Module 15 : Finalizing Final Course Projects


Due December 5 th by 11:59 PM Index, Projects, Links/Readings, Coursework, Resume Some things to collect/work on: projects in central location resume/CV screenshots of projects (Snag-It, PRINT SCREEN CROP, Mac) helpful links, seminal readings (citation information) images list of coursework (transcripts, etc.) ePortfolio


Specs All Pages: Image(s) Effective design (C-R-A-P, Navigation, etc.) E-mail link


Pages Index : Name, e-mail, introduction to self/ eport /etc. Projects : Link to projects (MM, graphics-layout, audio, descriptions, screenshots) Snag-It, Apple-Shift-4, Others? Links/Readings : List of resources/seminal readings Consistent formatting (APA recommended, but not required) Brief annotations At least 3 readings/Resources

Pages, cont. :

Pages, cont. Coursework : List of courses, descriptions, separated by term Graduate only Resume/Vita : Web version (as part of page…full site design) Link to PDF and/or Word versions

Multimedia Project:

Due November 28 th , by 11:59 PM 3 options: MM presentation on some topic in your subject area Example product from an online/existing lesson plan Exemplary MM tool in instructional setting Web-based, consider design and usability: Embed audio player ( http://www.instantshift.com/2010/02/10/21-free-music-players-for-your-website / ) Embed video Convert narrated PowerPoint ( http://www.authorstream.com / , http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasia / ) May use existing materials (not all has to be created by you) 200 points, at least 4 forms of media (enhancing benefits, minimizing drawbacks) Because of the 3 options, there is no “rubric.” It is expected that you address the content, technical, and presentation issues presented in the course. Update design of MM Web Shell based on new content and feedback. Multimedia Project

Multimedia Project, cont.:

Text/Hypertext : + easy to produce, accessible, cost-effective, complements other media well, multiple formats, minimal equipment - simplistic, “boring,” lost in cyberspace/intentionality Audio : + easy/cheap to produce, reproducible, engaging, repeatable - time intensive, equipment, technical issues, can be expensive Video : + develops HOT, interpersonal skills, engaging, multiple perspectives, promotes critical viewing, abstraction - similar to video Graphics : + stimulate creativity, engaging/motivating, accessible - “age appropriateness” issues, context, sometimes difficult to develop, equipment, must be relevant H ypermedia/Interactive MM : + motivating/engaging, increases user control, flexible, develops creative and critical thinking skills - learner ability, learner activity, navigational and experiential issues, “newness” Multimedia Project, cont.

Test 2:

150 points Open November 22 nd ( 12:01 AM) until November 28 th (11:59 PM) 50 multiple choice Items, 120 minute time limit No technical component Modules 8-15 ASSURE (11), audio/video (6), hypermedia (3), networks (3), learning theories/instructional methods (10), file/tool types (3), authoring tools (1), netiquette (1), & misc. definitions (12) Content primarily from narrated presentations and readings Open book, open note Test 2



Questions Later?:

Webcourses Messages E-mail: richard.hartshorne@ucf.edu Telephone: 407.823.1861 Skype: rhartsho49er Questions Later?

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