EME6507: Introduction to HTML and Web Authoring

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Web Pages…..and more:

Web Pages…..and more EME6507 University of Central Florida

Internet vs. World Wide Web:

Internet vs. World Wide Web Internet Vast network of computers (network of networks) Information travels through communication channels called protocols (ftp, http, e-mail, newsgroups, etc.) World Wide Web A portion of the Internet (contains multimedia) accessible using a browser Uses HTTP (hyper-text transfer protocol) to access pages/sites HTML hypertext markup language Any computer can read.

Web Authoring:

Web Authoring Dreamweaver: free 30-day trial NVU: open source application—free Microsoft FrontPage or SharePoint Designer SharePoint Designer 2010 download

URL’s (Web Addresses):

URL ’ s (Web Addresses) Type of page/information being transmitted. Examples: http:// (hyper-text transfer protocol) ftp:// (file transfer protocol Domain/server information Examples: edukate.ucf.edu education.ucf.edu

URL’s, continued.:

URL ’ s, continued. Directories/sub-domains Examples: rhartsho yourusername ~UCFNID Subfolders Examples: eme2040 courses images web Files Examples: index.htm modern-1.htm design.ppt


Domains com: commercial organization .edu: educational institution .gov: government organization .mil: military organization .net: network organization .org: organizations that don ’ t fit into other categores (non-profits)

More URL information:

More URL information Naming rules: No spaces %20 No capital letters “ did I capitalize that? ” Keep it short and sweet effectofworldwar1ontwenthiethcenturyliterature.com Develop a system “ did I use an underscore or a hyphen? ” Be consistent

Find the URL:

Find the URL A student has a sub-domain on the ‘ eme-idt.ucf.edu ’ server called ‘ tommyknight ’ . He uploads a folder called ‘ eme6507 ’ and within that folder is another folder called ‘ assignment s ’ . He wants to find the URL of his assignment called ‘ pptactivity.htm ’ (A web version of his PowerPoint Application activity). What is the URL?


Answer Server : http://eme-idt.ucf.edu Sub-domain : tommyknight Folder1 : eme6507 Folder2 : assignments File : pptactivity.htm URL = Server/sub-domain/folder1/folder2/file ****If there were more folders, you would simply add them to the URL until you get to the file you want to view.**** http://eme-idt.ucf.edu/tommyknight/eme6507/assignments/pptactivity.htm

Tips and Tricks:

Tips and Tricks Create a single folder for your web site. Follow naming conventions Make sure it makes sense Within this folder, create sub-folders to organize information. Pictures Projects Always work from a consistent location…and then replace files after working. Flash drive server

View Source (or Code View):

View Source (or Code View) Links href Troubleshooting href=C://My Documents/Web/index.htm VS. href=Web/index.htm EXTERNAL LINKS: Test and then copy paste Images Img src Troubleshooting Img src=C://My Documents/Web/images/pic1.jpg VS. Img src=Web/images/pic1.jpg MAKE SURE ALL IMAGES ARE IN ROOT (MAIN WEB) FOLDER

Planning a site:

Planning a site Define purpose. How will visitors use the site? Prepare content Storyboard Plan navigation Plan appearance Background, color scheme, fonts, etc. Test the site

The End:

The End EME6507 University of Central Florida

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