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Visuals EME6507 University of Central Florida

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I believe much of the time and attention now given to the preparation and presentation of lesson might be more wisely and profitably expended in training the child ’s power of imagery and in seeing to it that he is continually forming definite, vivid, and growing images of the various subjects with which he comes in contact in his experience. John Dewey, 1897


Agenda Overview Benefits and Drawbacks Learning Tools and Instructional Strategies Common Tools


Visuals Can create referents for ideas. Simplify complex information. Provide a redundant channel. Present information in different modalities. Gives students that may miss something verbally a chance to comprehend it visually. Primary Uses realism, analogies, and organization

Uses of visuals: Realistic:

Uses of visuals: Realistic Photo or illustration Heightens degree of realism Benefits inexperienced learners Too much or too little

Uses of visuals: Analogy:

Uses of visuals: Analogy Conveys similarities between two concepts. Relates new information to prior knowledge Learner must understand analogy to understand concept.

Uses of visuals: Organizational:

Uses of visuals: Organizational Flow charts, maps, graphs, schematics, etc. Show relationships among main points or concepts.


Visuals Additional Issues to consider: Visual literacy Ability to decode and encode visual messages. Visual Design

Visual Design Elements:

Visual Design Elements Ensure legibility Reduce effort Increase Active Engagement Focus attention

Type of visuals:

Type of visuals Non-projected Charts Posters Graphs Still Pictures Cartoons Projected Document cameras Overhead projector Slides Digital Images

Benefits of Visuals:

Benefits of Visuals Stimulate creativity Engaging to students Motivating Becoming more accessible and easier to develop

Drawbacks of Visuals:

Drawbacks of Visuals Must be level-appropriate Context Can be difficult to develop Equipment (hardware and software) Distracting is not related

Learning Tools & Instructional Strategies:

Learning Tools & Instructional Strategies Graphics for viewing Incorporating graphics into written reports Modifying graphics Data visualization Graphics and Measurement

Example Lessons and Resources:

Example Lessons and Resources The Water Cycle Dynamic Sea Temperature Studies Graphics for Instruction (and other media) Pics4Learning PicSearch

Common Tools:

Common Tools PhotoShop 30-day trial download Fireworks 30-day trial download GIMP Free download (open source) Snag-It Free 30-day trial download

The End:

The End EME6507 University of Central Florida

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