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Multimedia Design:

Multimedia Design EME6507 University of Central Florida


Contents Questions to Ask When Designing Multimedia Design Issues 4 fundamental design principles Misc. Design Tips Print vs. Web

Questions To Ask When Designing Multimedia?:

Questions To Ask When Designing Multimedia? Who is the audience? What is the message I am trying to convey to the audience? What are my objectives for the presentation? For the content? What types of actions do I want the audience to do? What materials are available to me? What are the limiting factors in the situation? (time, space, etc.)

Design Issues:

Design Issues What are some poorly designed things in everyday life??? Why?

Design :

Design What are some things in multimedia presentations that you do not like to see??? Why?

Design Issues:

Design Issues Navigation Should be very clear. Functionality Does it accomplish objectives? Judi Harris ’ s two questions Do I need to do this?

4 Fundamental Principles:

4 Fundamental Principles C ontrast R epetition A lignment P roximity


Guides your eyes around the page. Creates a hierarchy of information. Poor Contrast Better Contrast Contrast


Repetition Repeated elements throughout project ties all disparate parts together. Buttons, color, style

PowerPoint Presentation:

Alignment 2 rules: 1. Choose 1 alignment and use it on the entire page. 2. A centered alignment is safe, balanced, and formal. Proximity Relationships between items develop when they are close together. Items far apart become visually disconnected.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Poor alignment and proximity Good alignment and proximity

Misc. Design Tips:

Misc. Design Tips Use bold, underline, italics, or color to draw attention to items. Draw a box around important concepts. Use a line to separate elements. Don ’ t overcrowd areas. Use plenty of white space.

Misc. Design Tips:

Misc. Design Tips Manage colors. Compress. Download time. Fonts.

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