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Designing, Developing, & Evaluating Online Instructional Systems: Presentations:

Designing, Developing, & Evaluating Online Instructional Systems: Presentations


Agenda Tips Examples and Illustrations

Engage the Audience:

Engage the Audience Do not read Insert questions throughout Use images and animations Provide additional resources Design cognizant of the revisitation aspect

Do Not Read:

Do Not Read Reading a PowerPoint directly can be very boring to the listener. Likewise, providing a great deal of information on a slide can be somewhat overwhelming for the user, and difficult to follow. Bullet points should be used to illustrate key points, which should be elaborated on in the narration aspect of the slide. The 6 x 6 rule, which states that a maximum of 6 bullets with 6 words each should be applied to your slideshow presentations.

Do Not Read:

Do Not Read Boring Use bullet points 6 x 6 rule Less overwhelming for the user Which of these two slides is more effective?

Embed Questions Throughout:

Embed Questions Throughout Engages the audience Informal formative assessment Relate to the objectives Focus on key points

Use Images and Animations:

Use Images and Animations

Provide Additional Resources:

Provide Additional Resources Creating An Effective PowerPoint Presentation:


Revisitation Make users want to come back. Make the presentation easy to use and follow.

Additional Tips:

Additional Tips Practice, practice, practice Chunk Avoid too many transitions/animations Select a professional template (if used) Highlight points being discussed gray out those not being discussed (or those already discussed) Pay attention to design issues Color (contrast), repetition, navigation, alignment, proximity Provide “notes” (PDF files of slides)

The End:

The End

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