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Types of Learning and Bloom’s Taxonomy : 

Types of Learning and Bloom’s Taxonomy Clark Atlanta University Janice Liddell, Ph.D. A Sankofa Educational Movement: SoTL as a Subversive Activity

Learning and Bloom’s Taxonomy : 

Learning and Bloom’s Taxonomy Too often our students are encouraged to commit themselves only to the most basic level of learning, that of recalling and remembering data. They also often think they do not have the intellectual acumen to think and respond at higher levels of cognition, such as synthesis and evaluation. It is our responsibility to assist them to recognize that they can and that they should engage themselves at the highest levels of cognition. But first, let’s review the three types of learning then move forward into the various levels of cognition.

Types of Learning : 

We probably all know that there are three types of learning— affective learning: i.e. development in areas dealing with emotions and attitudes; psychomotor learning: i.e. learning physical or manual skills; and cognitive learning: i.e. gaining knowledge. It is generally the latter on which we focus in teaching and learning at the college level. However, some academic areas find great utility with all three types of learning, especially theatre arts and physical education. Types of Learning

Cognitive Domain of Learning : 

For this unit, though, our focus will be on the cognitive domain or category of learning which “involves knowledge and intellectual skills.” One of the best systems for understanding the cognitive levels or domains and how to implement them is Bloom’s taxonomy. Cognitive Domain of Learning

Bloom’s Taxonomy : 

Bloom’s Taxonomy Below you will find several mechanisms that will help you to guide your students through these levels from recall (the first and most basic level of learning) to evaluation (the highest level of learning.)

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