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Grades 5 & 6 researched different countries and made a Power Point slide for each country.


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I asked 7 people what their favorite animal is. They had 6 choices to choose from. They could have chose a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, fish, and other. 2 people chose dogs 1 person chose cat 2 people chose horses 1 person chose rabbit and no one chose fish and one person chose other. I surveyed the people in my math class.

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My Doughnut Graph shows that most people prefer other candy or chocolate. The least favorable candy is Airheads. No people hate candy! Because everyone loves candy! It makes you happy! The Cool doughnut Graph of Favorite Candy Lindsey #6 6-B ?

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By. Paige Barranco My graph is about everyone's favorite pizza. I surveyed 6 graders, my family, people at my dads work, and any one who was next to me while I had my sheet. It was a lot of fun after I finally got one hundred people!

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I people about their favorite drink. Most people equally liked sprite & coke. By: Bailey

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Series 1 = girls Series 2 = boys I found out that everyone likes different types of candies and that boys and girls have different choices of a treat. Shockers are the most favorite and then Hubba Bubba (gum) is next in what your taste buds want. The least liked is Jolly Ranchers, surprisingly.

Slide 11: 

My graph is about your favorite bubblegum. I surveyed 136 people and this is the turnout. Justin Cotter #2 6-B

Slide 12: 

My Survey was on your favorite place to get Coffee. A lot of people liked Starbucks more than any other place to get coffee. I liked this project because I got to see what people liked about coffee!

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My graph is about Favorite Candies. I surveyed 198 people. It is cool to survey. Over all most people liked M&M’s. Snickers, well, not so favorite. By Tori D.

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I asked 61 people people what their favorite sport was and found out that most people like soccer the best. Swimming and volley-ball tied, both at 4 and, other and football also tied at 7. It was very fun surveying people! Favorite Sports By: Grace

Math Surveys : 

Math Surveys By Mr. Bourke’s Class

Slide 16: 

F Favorite Sports I found that football is favored most by boys and Baseball or softball is favored by Girls mostly.

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My survey was on your favorite kind of chip. Surprisingly everyone liked Funyuns more than any other chip. This project was very fun and educational so I really liked it. I hope we do another project like this again.

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This my chart about my classmates and others favorite shoe. The reason I’ve done this is because I like shoes. What I found out is that people liked Nike, other, and New balance the best and Rebok and Speerie the least. Cameron 6-b

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I found that more people liked green than all the other colors.

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I have found by my survey from math group 2 that they love stars & don’t really like squares & triangles. By: Elizabeth Overton #18 Mr. Bourke

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My survey is about a favorite animal people prefer dog the most.

Slide 22: 

This project was really fun. It seemed that people liked social studies. And no one liked English. Jacob 9

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I’m finding out that how many people like different colors

Slide 24: 

I found that more people like blue the most. The second best was red. The third best was other. The fourth best is green. The fifth best is yellow. The sixth best is black.

Slide 25: 

I wanted to see what was the favorite sec team among sixth graders. Most people like the auburn tigers. Maggie w. #24 math

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In this learning experience, I’ve learned That a lot of people prefer blue as their favorite crayon color from this pie chart.

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I did my graph on peoples` favorite color. In my graph people apparently people like black the most. I mainly surveyed my family. By Ryan

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This was a very interesting and fun project. People seemed to like Chick fil-a best. Arbys and Wendys were the least favorite. Sarah H

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My results showed that out of 80 people most of them are auburn fans. Thomas

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