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Basketball :

Basketball Ramon Garcia Period 2

Table of Contents :

Table of Contents Side 3: The reason why I pick this topic Side4-7: The History of basketball Side 5-8: The Rules of Basketball Side 9-11: Positions of basketball Side 12-16: NBA Teams Side: 17-: Players who influenced the sport Side 18- NBA’s best record’s in history

The reason’s why I pick this topic:

The reason’s why I pick this topic I pick this topic because I love basketball I am a huge fan also I know the sport very well. I wanted to do it on something that that seems interesting to me not something boring also it will take a long time to finish it.

The History of Basketball :

The History of Basketball The History of Basketball begin during the late 1800’s but its different how it is in today’s time because they use a basket but the ball is different.

The Rules of Basketball :

The Rules of Basketball Two teams have five players in each team the players score points by putting the ball through a basketball hoop. There are three ways to score points One way is by shooting under the three point line which is there a other way is by shooting behind the three point u score three points The last way is by free throws which is one point

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If both teams have the same points and the game time is done then you go through overtime which is a additional 5 min but if both teams still have the same points then you go over time again until we have a winner. In the begging of a game you will do something call a jump ball this will happen in the middle of the court which is one tall player in each team will jump for the ball in who gets the ball first will go first

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There are about a couple of referees could call a foul on a player if they belief that it look like a foul. You could have 6 fouls until you could be fouled out which means you will not to play anymore during the game. There is about 6 fouls in basketball which are called off offensive foul, flagrant foul, defensive foul, technical foul, and a charging foul.

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If you have two technical fouls you are not playing in the game no more. While you are dribbling the ball you must use one hand not two hands because its called double dribbling and the other team will get the ball. If somebody fouls you shoot free throws twice If you make a shot while being foul then you shoot one free throw but if you make a technical foul your opponents shoots one free throw. Each NBA team should have about 15 players.

Positions of basketball :

Positions of basketball The smallest position is called a point guard. This position is like the quarter back of a NFL team. They control the team by its movement. Points guard’s make mostly assists and steals. The next position is called a shooting guard which is outside the three point line with the point guard. This position could do anything

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The next position is called the small forward which could go any where in the court. Mostly it is between the inside of court from the three point line. Now to the big guys of NBA this position is called power forward which hangs out in the bottom of the court and gets rebounds also make points.

Slide 11:

The last position of the NBA is called the center which is with the power forward bottom the court this position gets rebounds also get points.

NBA Teams :

NBA Teams There are 30 teams in the NBA the first team is called the Philadelphia 76 ers. Next is called the Milwaukee Bucks Charlotte Bobcats

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Chicago Bulls Boston Celtics Cleveland Cavaliers LA Clippers Atlanta Hawks New Orleans Hornets Memphis Grizzlies

Slide 14:

LA Lakers Miami Heat New York Knicks Dallas Mavericks New Jersey Nets Huston Rockets Toronto Raptors San Antonio Spurs

Slide 15:

Denver Nuggets Minnesota Timberwolves Detroit Pistons Portland Trail Blazers Indiana Pacers Oklahoma City Thunder

Slide 16:

Golden State Warriors Utah Jazz Phoenix Suns Orlando Magic Sacramento Kings Washington Wizards

Players who Influenced the sport :

There are some players who change the sport there names are Michael Jordan, Julius Erving, and Kobe Bryant. Players who Influenced the sport

NBA’s best record’s in history :

NBA’s best record’s in history The NBA player who made the most points in his career is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the points that he made were 38,387 points in his career.

Slide 19:

The NBA player who made the most assists is John Stockton he made 15,806 assists his total career. The Player with the most steals is John Stockton and his has 3,265

Slide 20:

The NBA player with most rebounds is 23,924 by Wilt Chamberlain

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The person who made the most three pointers is Ray Allen who made 2,608 three pointers in his career and is still active in the NBA.

Conclusion :

Conclusion The NBA is one of best sports in the USA which is currently been which right now and will still be watch when we are old people. I put the basics of this incredible sport and I hope you all enjoy this side.

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